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Some Smart OpenCart Plugins for your E-Commerce Store- Part 1

Published In: Opencart Date: 2016-02-11 Hits: 742

Are you unable to boost the conversions and product sales on your eCommerce stores? It is time to take a look towards these OpenCart plugins for a tremendous business change.



Some smart OpenCart plugins for your eCommerce store | Knowband


In this ever expanding world of eCommerce business, you can't establish yourselves effectively if you are not having some great OpenCart plugins for your online store. With the cut throat competition and the changing customer moods and behavior, maintaining an effective business lead among your business rivals has become a brain storming session. You would not negate the importance of various eCommerce themes and extensions that can improve the functionality and performance of your OpenCart site to a great extent. Let us bring to you some of the mind blowing modules from our OpenCart module development services providing company, Knowband that can provide a complete turn around to your online store. 


1. OpenCart Smart Sort Order- This amazing plugin is capable of bringing a revolution in eCommerce business as it has changed the way people used to search for a product on an eCommerce store. Now, people can search for a product based on various parameters like product category, manufacturer name, most sold items, most viewed items and other such metrics. With the help of this OpenCart Smart Sort Order plugin, store admin can now set the sorting orders for their products in any desired manner for facilitating faster searching. Furthermore, the plugin is compatible with various available themes and can work interruptedly on various devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets. 


2. OpenCart Price Alert- If you are losing product sales on your eCommerce store, here is the chance to get back with the introduction of this OpenCart Price Alert plugin. It has been a major ray of hope for numerous OpenCart store owners due to the accomplishment of the following goals. 


- It helps in encouraging store sales.

- The module helps in boosting the revenue for your eCommerce store by providing important information about change in product pricing.

- Helps in improving the engagement and loyalty of your targeted customers.

- Gives a major boost to your social visibility and brand awareness among your targeted customers.


3. OpenCart Push Cart Promotion- This OpenCart Push Cart Promotion module can help grab the instant attention of your targeted customers by showcasing the amazing shopping deals on your site for better conversions and product sales. Now, you can effortlessly create and manage mind blowing promotional deals for your eCommerce stores and this has made it as one of the wonderful OpenCart plugins. It can help you in managing the fixed and percentage wise discount, applicable products or categories for discount, view status of your promotional offers and other such functionalities to boost customer traffic, product sales and conversion rates


4. OpenCart  Abandoned Cart- Don't worry if your shopping cart abandonments are increasing as things are about to change dramatically with this OpenCart Abandoned Cart module. It allows you to send repeated reminder emails to your abandoned customers for getting their attention back towards your store for better conversions and sales. With this plugin, you can add discount coupons on your store for encouraging customers to shop from your OpenCart site.  


For all those store owners who are hoping for a whirl- wind change, just give a little attention to the wonderful OpenCart module development services of Knowband that can provide you brilliant OpenCart plugins for your store. Check out the next installment of this blog for enhancing the performance of your OpenCart store.

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