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5 Questions to ask while going for an OpenCart Platform

It is important to opt the right eCommerce platform for the growth and development of your online business. The successful operation and performance of an eCommerce website depend upon the right selection of the eCommerce platform. You need to take this crucial decision with utmost attention and care in order to grab the maximum site conversions. This is because any random eCommerce platform can’t help you win desired conversions and product sales for your site.

Out of the various eCommerce platforms such as Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce, 3d Cart and others, OpenCart is definitely a good choice to go ahead. The OpenCart is packed with various useful OpenCart extensions and themes that can together make your site more engaging. Here are the 5 questions that you need to ask your OpenCart development services company for a promising online store.

Did your company provide you the required level of support?

In this competitive business environment, it is important to check the level of support provided by your OpenCart development services company in order to tackle various issues. No site owner would like to be left alone at the time of any website issues and this is where any effective OpenCart development services can be of great help.

Do that company take care of your site backup?

While making the transition onto an OpenCart platform from any other existing eCommerce platform, it is important to initiate the complete backup of your website. You can take the help of any eCommerce backup extension that can help in providing quick database backup of the website within no time.

Is your company offering you a shared hosting service or a dedicated server?

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Dedicated server hosting can reduce the chances of slow website loading and server response time.

Most of the site owners are facing this critical question about

Whether to go for a shared web hosting service for their OpenCart site or choose a dedicated server. While the former seems to be the good option in terms of operating cost, there is also associated problem with it. If one of the websites is having certain security issues, it might affect the other websites that are sharing the same hosting server.

However, in the case of a dedicated server, OpenCart site owners don’t have to face any server uptime issues, bandwidth issues, disk storage space requirements, and other such problems. So, make the right selection based on your business and budget requirements.

Are they able to handle your future business requirements?

With the growth of your business, new customers are added on to your site and the customer traffic is also increased accordingly. You need to ask out your company to be hired about how are they going to handle the large traffic volume, how will they respond to higher server requests, how will they cater to the growing bandwidth requirement of the company and other such business concerns. If they can answer your question effectively, you need to avail the expertise of that OpenCart development company for your site.

Are they providing adequate server uptime?

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Higher server uptime means the fewer chances of network issues in your site for optimum business performance.

Your site server needs to perform effectively for the faster loading and performance of your website. Do ask your eCommerce services provider company about their average server uptime in order to analyze the performance of your website. Always remember that lower the server uptime, greater will be the loading time of your OpenCart site. It is important to hire the right company that can offer you an average percentage uptime of at least 99 percent in order to ensure the smooth performance of your eCommerce website.


The field of eCommerce is both promising and equally challenging also. You can either grab maximum conversions and sales for your site within a short period of time or it can be a case of total business failure. Using the right eCommerce platform plays a decisive role in the performance of your eCommerce site, so make the right selection for your unprecedented business growth. If you are failed in this critical task, your eCommerce website will certainly face a tough day in terms of conversion rates, product sales and customer engagement.

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