5 facts about OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module

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A research says that out of every 10 eCommerce customers, 7 of them abandon a cart for different reasons. It means those 70% percentage of lost sales were certain to get converted but for some reason(s) they could not. OpenCart websites too are not spared from this evil and each day a large number of customers abandon these sites.

There are ways using which OpenCart websites can minimize the possibilities of getting abandoned. However, none of the ways can guarantee that they can prevent all the cent percent carts from getting abandoned. That is why the OpenCart abandoned module was introduced to the picture to deal with those carts which get abandoned despite all the efforts to prevent them.

Let’s see some facts about the OpenCart Abandoned Cart Module, and understand how it works to minimize the losses occurred due to shopping cart abandonments.

Facts about OpenCart abandoned Cart Module:

  • OpenCart abandoned Cart Module uses the order id generated by the OpenCart during Checkout Process to capture the carts: The OpenCart platform generates an Order id for all the orders right at the checkout process itself. This order id used by the OpenCart abandoned Cart Module to uniquely identify the carts and capture them with the cart information. The cart information consists of details of the products like product name, Product quantity, date added etc. This information is used by the customers to restore a cart in just one click without manually re-adding the products back in the cart.
  • OpenCart abandoned Cart Module uses the time limit mentioned in the module configuration to identify an abandoned cart: The OpenCart abandoned Cart Module can capture each and every cart – abandoned or not. However, we are only concerned about the abandoned carts that are left orphaned by the customers. So, there is an option in the OpenCart abandoned Cart Module Configuration where the admin can mention a time limit after which a cart will be considered as abandoned. This option is used by the module to identify an abandoned cart from all the carts captured by the module.
  • OpenCart abandoned Cart Module sends manual/automatic serial reminders to the abandoned customers on their email ids: The module is capable of capturing all the carts on your OpenCart site. However, an abandoned cart reminder to the customers can only be sent on their email id- that’s logical! So the abandoned carts where customers have provided an email id are selected to send the serial reminders. These reminders can be sent either manually by the admin to each customer, or he can just curb this burden by setting a cron to send automatic serial email reminders. Admin can set different email templates for each message to be sent to the customers.
  • OpenCart abandoned Cart Module sends email reminders with or without offers: As already mentioned in the former point that admin can send email reminders using different emails templates already stored in the modules database. There are two types of email templates that can be sent to the customers here. One is a general reminder mail to just remind the customer about his abandoned cart.
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Serial reminders without offers can also be wise option for start

Other is a reminder with some offers to lure back the customer. For example, the reminder mail in the screenshot below says that the customer can grab an offer of 25 % discount if he completes the purchase.

Abandoned cart serial reminders with offers and deals
Abandoned cart serial reminders with offers and deals
  • OpenCart abandoned Cart Module allows the customers to recover the abandoned cart in just one click: Despite all your offers and discounts in the serial reminders, some customers might feel lazy to come back because they have to add back the products again in the cart and then start the checkout process again. This OpenCart recover abandoned Cart Module eliminates this hurdle by allowing the customers to directly go to the checkout page with all the products in the cart already restored. This is done by clicking on a CTA button that is provided in each reminder email. The customer will recover all the products in just one click and can directly checkout without even a need to log in again.


the OpenCart abandoned Cart Module is a perfect OpenCart recover abandoned Cart tool if used wisely. That is, you must additionally follow the best practices for writing an abandoned cart email so that it ensures the success of your emails. The success of OpenCart recover abandoned Cart is totally dependent on the success of your emails. The tool provides you a hassle free way to connect with your lost customers who can still be earned back with a proper recovery approach.

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