Wanna Make your M-Commerce Store Stand Apart? 6 Unavoidable Tips


The trends in the latest past has shown that the online shoppers prefer using of mobiles in order to access the web stores. Since the mobile responsive website are inconvenient, the m-commerce stores are one of the ways to tap this market. The mobile apps offers a friendly interface to access the web store. This is by far, one of the most important decision that the web store owner needs to make while opting for a better features in mobile app.

There are plenty of options available for the web store owners to get a mobile app. Mobile app creator is one such module, which can help the eCommerce store owners to get a mobile app. The module provides the store owner with all the required features that will help them to present the web store in a better way. A better mobile app helps in portraying perfect image for the web store, thus the selection of the mobile app and the features incorporated plays a vital role in its acceptance by the customers.

The eCommerce store should keep a better lookout for the features in the mobile app as they highly influence the visitor’s attention to the web store. We may throw light on some of the features that must be made available by the mobile app builder in a mobile app.

Simplified interface

Simplified Interface

The mobile app is an alternative option for the users to access the web store without having to go through the desktop sites. Most people prefer mobile apps because of the convenience and simplicity that they provide. Thus, the web store must also try to keep the mobile app as simple as possible. The availability of similar mobile apps is in plenty and if at any point the customer doesn’t get along the mobile app then the chances are they may look for some other simple mobile app.

Inclusion of both android and iOS

Inclusion of both android and iOS

The total mobile market is 98% covered by android and iOS, therefore the eCommerce stores must make sure that the mobile app that they are planning to introduce must be compatible in both the platforms. The Prestashop mobile app builder has two variants which are capable of designing Prestashop Android Mobile app builder and Prestashop iOS mobile app builder. The web stores may consider these modules if they wish to proceed with their idea of getting a highly appreciated mobile app. The focus on the development of other platforms is not necessarily important as the influence of other OS is not as large as these two. It is one of the feature that is conversion booster.

Better admin control

Admin Panel

The mobile app needs proper management. The admin must be able to have a proper control over the different aspects of the app. As the app will continue to influence customers, there may rise a need where the web store owners need to expand the boundaries of the existing features. Hence, in that case the owner needs to have proper and full control over the mobile app such that the required changes can be implemented and new features can be introduced without having to ask for a help. The mobile app must allow the owner to track the users and have a full record of their behavior on mobile app. These type of controls helps in making mobile app grow better with time.



It is another important aspect of the mobile app. The variation in different contents in the mobile app helps in better understanding and also acts as a source of encouragement for the customers to browse more. The various aspect of personalization includes fonts, color and sizes. If the mobile app can be made to have multiple variation of all these features than it is more likely to attract customers. AS, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder but attracting customer lies upon the presentation of the product. Therefore, getting a better personalization access will help the mobile app to express better.

Enhanced navigation


How often do you think a customer is confused about something on your web store and he waits there to figure it out? Almost never, if the customer couldn’t relate them with something meaning full then they are likely to exit the mobile app too. Thus it becomes necessary for the mobile app to provide the customers with a user friendly navigation and removal of any unnecessary element that may divert the customers from their motive. A better navigation system will help the customers to move through the entire mobile app and make sure that the customer is not stuck to a particular part.

Help and support

Help and Support

One of the important feature that the mobile app must consists should be help and assistance. The mobile app must be open to every user and try to respect the views of every customers. It has been seen that the apps which provide better assistance to the customers are more likely to get higher conversion rates. The mobile app can also help the customers to make a choice on the products by providing review and feedback center, so that the other customers who wish to make a purchase on some of the similar products can refer to the review as a basis. It will help in better marketing of the products as the customers won’t consider making a second choice after reading a positive review form one of the customers.


Over to You

The mobile app in an important tool of marketing. Due to the growing popularity of mobile phones mCommerce has become the new trend in the market and most people have already started to follow the mobile apps in place of desktop site to make a purchase. So the web store must take a better look on the features of mobile apps before launching the mobile app.

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