Prestashop Shipping Timer Module – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Prestashop Shipping Timer module increases the conversion rate by displaying the timer for the one-day delivery offer. If the product is ordered within the time span specified by the timer, then, the package is delivered to the customer on the same day. The countdown timer specifying the time limit for availing this offer creates an urgency in the minds of the store visitors. Aiding the purchase decision of the customers, the Prestashop addon is an effortless way to boost the chances of conversions.

1.1. Basic Features of this Prestashop Shipping Timer addon

  1. The Prestashop Shipping Timer module is easy to install and configure.
  2. The admin can easily enable or disable this Prestashop shipping timer addon.
  3. This Prestashop addon offers hassle-free implementation.
  4. The Prestashop shipping module is highly customizable.
  5. The Prestashop shipping module is multi-lingual compatible.
  6. No code changes are required for implementation.
  7. There is no technical help is needed for showing shipping timer in the front-end.
  8. Multiple choices for selection that is categories, countries, suppliers, manufacturer etc.
  9. The Prestashop store admin can set the start & end time.
  10. Admin can select the days for showing the countdown timer.
  11. Admin can set the vacation dates to restrict the functionality.
  12. Admin can show warning on the cart page
  13. The plugin allows the admin to set the look and feel of the timer.
  14. The Prestashop store admin can view order details.
  15. The Prestashop Countdown timer helps to increases conversion rate.
  16. The countdown timer ensures fast decision making by customers.
  17. Customers don’t need to compare delivery timing for the same products on other websites.

1.2. Project Objectives

The Prestashop Extension offers a win-win situation for both the customers as well as the store admin. While the store visitors get the much needed quick delivery option, the e-merchants clear off their inventory with minimal effort. Here are some of the objective that Prestashop one-day delivery timer module offers to the eCommerce store owners.

  1. The admin can fix the time duration for the one-day shipment offer. A timer will be shown on the product page reminding the customers about the time limit.
  2. The admin can select the product, category in which he is looking to add the feature. The e-merchant can even select the name of the supplier and manufacturer in which he wants to offer one-day delivery offer. The module even provides an option to select the region and countries in he wants this offer to be applicable.
  3. The highly customizable module allows the admin to change the look and feel of the timer in a matter of moment.
  4. The orders received can be viewed in the admin interface.

2.0 Installation

The Prestashop store admin is required to purchase the module. Once the purchase is done, following files and folders will be delivered.

  1. that contains source code of the module
  2. User Manual

Follow the following steps to install the extension:

  • Unzip the folder. The folder would consist of the files and folders as shown below –

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon installation steps

  • Copy all the files and folders from the unzipped folder and paste them into your store “Modules” directory on the path – Root Directory/modules/.
  • The Prestashop Shipping Timer can now be installed on your Prestashop store.You can find it in Store Admin -> Modules and Services. It would be shown as below –

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon

In case, you are not able to find module in admin modules list, you can search for it in the search tab-

Keyword – Shipping Timer
Category – Front office
Filter By – Installed & Not Installed / Enabled & Disabled

  1. Click on “Install”.it would show a pop-up for your confirmation. Click on “Proceed with the installation” option. This step will install the module and show notification – “Module(s) installed successfully”.

3.0 Admin Interface

On entering the admin interface of the Prestashop module, the store owner gets a number of easy configuration options. The changes in the features and functionalities of the module can be customized with a few button clicks. Let us discuss the various configuration option one-by-one.

3.1 How to start the configuration process?

The configuration process of Prestashop shipping timer module starts with the General Setting tab of the addon. Listed below are some of the options offered in this tab.

  1. Enable/Disable the Module
  2. Enable Country Check
  3. Enable Supplier Check
  4. Enable Manufacturer Check
  5. Enable Categories Check

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon

3.1.1 Enable and Disable the Module

Along with all the customization option, the store admin gets the option to enable or disable the module from the Prestashop store. This can be done just by toggling the button shown below.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon settings

3.1.2 Enable Country Check

The free shipping timer can be set for all the countries in which the eCommerce company is operating. The countdown for one-day delivery is set by default for all the countries if the button is switched off.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon category check

In case, the admin wants to disable this option for any particular country, then, he can do so by switching it on. Once this is done, the admin can select the countries where he wants to give this offer from the ‘Countries’ tab.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon settings

The admin is provided with the list of various countries to choose from. The locations can be selected from the list. In case, no country is selected, then, the offer will be applicable in all the countries.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon

3.1.3 Enable Supplier Check

The offer can be made valid for the selected supplier as per the need of the store admin. For selecting or deselecting any particular supplier, the ‘Enable Supplier Check’ button should be switched on.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon

Once this is done, the admin can select the name of the supplier from the tab as shown in the image below.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon supplier settings

The Supplier Tab includes the names of the different suppliers operating on the eCommerce store. The admin needs to check the names manually in order to add this feature. The search bar enables the store owner to find the name of a particular supplier instantly.

Select suppliers

3.1.4 Enable Manufacturer Check

The same process can be adopted in selecting or deselecting the manufacturer. Enable the features from the ‘General Setting’ tab.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon manufecturer settings

Once this is enabled, the admin can go to the Manufacturer tab.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon

This includes the list of the brands and manufacturer of the Prestashop eCommerce store. Select the names in which want you to offer one-day delivery and save the changes made in the configuration.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon select manufacturer3.1.5 Enable Categories Check

The Prestashop eCommerce admin can enable or disable the Category check by toggling the button as shown below.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon

The category tab includes the list of the categories that you have on the website.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon category setting

The Prestashop store admin can expand the categories and select the ones in which he wants to add this feature of shipping timer. The categories can be checked or unchecked with a button click.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon category

3.1.6 How can the products for adding the shipping timer be selected?

In order to select the products that are to include the shipping timer, the admin can go to the ‘Product’ tab.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon

The tab includes the entire list of the products being offered at the eCommerce site. The admin can check each product in which he wants to offer instant shipping option.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon

3.1.7 How to check the orders placed?

Prestashop one-day delivery timer module even allows the admin to track the orders received. The purchase orders of the products with the one-day shipping features can be viewed in the ‘Order’ tab of the admin interface.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon order details

The entire list of the orders received can be retrieved in this tab. The admin can apply the filters to see the details of any particular customer as per the need.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon

3.2 How to apply the countdown settings?

The shipping timer and the countdown setting can be changed from the back-end of the module. The admin can fix the time when the timer is to start and end. They are even given a choice to select the days of the week when they want to show the timer.

Prestashop Shipping Timer

  1. Countdown Start Time: This refers to the time when the timer of the shipping offer is to start on the website.
  2. Countdown End Time: This determines the time after which the customers will not be able to avail the features of one-day shipping. Both the time should be entered in 24 Hours format.
  3. Days of the Week: The admin can select the days when he wants to offer this features. In case no day is selected, the timer will be shown everyday.
  4. Vacation Dates: If case the admin doesn’t want to show the timer on a particular day, he can enter the dates in this section. Multiple dates can be entered separated by commas. This can prove a helpful feature during holidays.

3.3 How to change the look and feel of the timer?

The banner setting and the look and feel of the changed from the ‘Banner Settings’ tab. Here are the customization options offered.

1. Banner Text 1 and Text 2: The text that you want to show on the banner countdown clock can be written here. The module offers multi-lingual support, so, the text can be entered in multiple languages depending upon the website.

2. Banner Image: The image of the countdown meter can be selected from the local drive and uploaded on the front-end of the website.

Prestashop Shipping Timer setting

3. Enable Banner When Countdown is not Visible: When the countdown to the shipping offer is not working, the admin gets an option to show some other banner in the front-end. This feature can be enabled or disabled as per the need.

4. Banner Text When Countdown is not Visible: Once this feature is enabled, the store owner is required to enter a text that will be shown along with the banner. The admin can flash the message reminder the customer about the future offers.

5. Banner Image When Countdown is not Visible: This banner image can be selected from the local drive of the computer.

6. Enable Warning on Cart Page: If the products with this feature are added to the cart, the admin can show the necessary message to the customer by enabling this button. The message may remind the customer about the insufficient cart value for availing the offer or any other message as per the need.

7. Warning Banner Text: The text that the admin wants to be shown in the cart can be entered here.

Prestashop Shipping Timer Addon

4.0 Website UI

The shipping timer will be shown in the front-end of the website as customized by the admin. The countdown timer on the product page of the website is shown in the image below.

Prestashop Shipping Timer front-end interface

In case, the countdown or the timer is not shown, then, the alternate banner will be shown in the front-end.

Prestashop Shipping Timer front-end interface

This way the customers can get the ordered product on the same day. This Prestashop shipping timer addon shows a shipping timer on the product page which makes a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind. Thus the customer can make their purchase decision fastly without wasting any time. Same day delivery is a very demanding feature from customer’s end. Thus with the help of this Prestashop shipping timer plugin, the store admin can offer same day delivery to the customers and at the same time, the admin can also boost the conversion rate of the website. The Prestashop countdown timer addon is fully customizable and the customers can easily view the countdown timer on the front-end. The Prestashop countdown timer module allows the admin to show shipping timer without any code changes and technical help. This Prestashop shipping module offers a user-friendly and mobile responsive also.

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