Top 10 eCommerce Progressive Web App Examples in 2021 For Your Inspiration

eCommerce PWA Mobile App

No one likes to face unpleasant or bad online shopping experiences. The technologies are changing rapidly according to the way customers behave while online shopping. But, running an online eCommerce shop isn’t a piece of cake for everyone. Often, a minor issue like slow page loading time can increase your bounce rate and make you lose revenue. To eliminate this problem Google came up with the solution called, Progressive Web App(PWA) in the year 2015. PWA Mobile App for eCommerce is noted for responsiveness, fast loading, rapid installation, and very exciting features. The qualities like this give it the potential to replace native apps.  

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Benefits of eCommerce PWA Mobile App-

E-Commerce Progressive Web App(PWA) gives you the look and feel of the app (as of native) with all the advantages of responsive websites. It is available for almost all browsers with a quick installation facility. The user interface of the PWA Mobile App looks like an app and can also work offline, even with a slow or no internet connection. It also provides mobile push notification features that provide updates to users on a timely basis.

#1. Customer Engagement and push notifications:

Customer engagement is one of the top priorities in the current eCommerce scenario. There are several ways through which store admin can improve customer engagement using a Progressive Web App. The store owners can use push notification features to inform about current website updates, discounts, stocks, and sales. Moreover, the “Add to Home screen” pop-up makes it easier for customers to install the app instantly on the PWA Mobile App. 

#2. Improved security with no installation:

It is important to gain the trust of customers with Progressive Web App Builder. The sale is more likely to improve when customers trust and rely on your PWA Mobile app. So, the PWA mobile app considered all the security parameters to be followed to gain customer trust. Progressive Web App Maker can be easily added to the user’s mobile home screen with a few clicks and users can easily get away from lengthy installation processes. 

#3. Higher conversion rate:

PWA Mobile Apps are fast loading and offers high performance, unlike native apps. It also uses website content efficiently that positively influences users and boosts conversion rates. 

#4. Seamless Performance:

Users can access the Progressive Web App Maker allowing the users to access the required data even when they are not connected to the internet or an unstable network. The PWA Mobile App works perfectly in those areas with an unstable network connection and allows users to perform several activities on the app.

#5. Improved Search Ranking:

Google discovers and crawls Progressive Web App(PWA) easily and effortlessly because each page of a web app has a unique URL. This means that you can get much-needed traffic in your web app. 

#6. Cost-effective:

Progressive Web App Maker is a lot cheaper than native app development. The native app requires a separate version of iOS and the Android operating system but the PWA app consists of only one cross-platform to launch. It is a great way to cut down the expenses of developing applications. Basically, a PWA Mobile App can be simply derived by opening the website on a mobile browser. 

Top 10 PWA examples of online marketplaces

As you can see there are many benefits of the Progressive Web App in the eCommerce industry. There are many global brands that integrate PWA on their websites. We have mentioned top global brand examples that showed shocking results after integrating PWA into the website.


Jumia is an African eCommerce website, launched in Nigeria in 2018. It has expanded to over 14 countries, including  Morocco, Kenia, South Africa, and Egypt, etc. The obstacle in Jumia growth was its target audience visiting the website from 2G internet connection and the customers are having low-end phone experience with data limitations issues. Jumia eliminates the obstacle by providing a smooth user experience through PWA for eCommerce. After that Jumia became hit and visitors spent more time on the app that also showed a significant decrease in bounce rate.

PWA Mobile App

  • 33% higher conversion rate
  • 50% lower bounce rate
  • 12X more users than native apps (Android & iOS)
  • 5X fewer data used
  • 2X fewer data required to complete the first transaction
  • 25X less devices storage required


Flipkart is considered one of the top e-commerce platforms in India. It is giving neck to neck competitions to websites like Amazon. Flipkart got abandoned by many users in 2015 because it is not able to compete with native apps. The reason is users are not getting a fast and responsive user experience. 

After that Flipkart came with a solution called Flipkart Lite. It is a progressive web app that is built to provide a great user experience to customers and it became a huge success. PWA apps run fast, work offline, and help to re-engage customers. The push notification feature in Flipkart gives timely and relevant updates to their customers and also works in offline mode. 

PWA for eCommerce

  • 3x lower data usage
  • 40% increase in user engagement 
  • 70% more conversion rate
  • 3x more time spent on site.

Ali Express:

AliExpress was launched in China in 2010. It is a global retail company that has gained popularity in top countries such as Russia, Brazil, and the US. AliExpress is often compared to eBay because buys can directly sell their products to customers. The company gained popularity and implemented an eCommerce PWA Mobile App solution to its website to cater to the needs of both web and mobile customers. After that Ali express rebuilt its online presence with a fast and reliable eCommerce Progressive Web App

82% increase in iOS conversion rate

104% more new users across all browsers

2x more pages visited 

74% increase in time spent 


It is another brand that has adopted the PWA Mobile App Builder technology. The company headquarters is in Amsterdam and operates in approximately 45 countries. In 2014 South African media group called Naspers acquired 95% of OLX. The OLX strategy is to allow customers to buy used products at a lower cost. They have also included a chat option where the customers can negotiate product prices.

The majority of traffic in OLX comes from mobile devices and the figure was continuously growing. The only problem was the website’s slow speed leads to more bounce rate. The company came up with an eCommerce Progressive Web App solution and provided an “Add to home screen” feature that increased the engagement rate. 

  • 250% increase in engagement rate
  • 23% less time until a page is interactive
  • 80% lower bounce rates
  • 146% increase in CTR (click-through rates) on Ads

eCommerce PWA Mobile App


Alibaba serves millions of buys and sellers located in 200 countries. It is the world’s largest global wholesale platform. It serves more than 2 million buyers around the world. The majority of users are using Alibaba via mobile devices so they came up with native Android and iOS apps. Soon, the company realized that customers do not want to download apps because of its large size mobile application. Customers can easily perform the transactions from their web browsers rather than downloading the app which is more than 60 MB.

Alibaba decided to opt for the eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder platform.  Alibaba integrated features such as Add to Home Screen, Push Notifications and the motive is to engage more customers and to provide a fast and reliable mobile experience. And Alibaba is successful to engage visitors and impress their users with a reliable and fast mobile experience.

eCommerce Progressive Web App

  • 76% higher conversion rate.
  • 14% more monthly active users on iOS
  • 30% more monthly active users on Android
  • 4X higher interaction rate

Pure Formulas:

The Pure Formulas company is specialized in providing health and nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals to buyers. The problem with Pure Formulas is that the checkout process is too slow and page loading time is very much high and that results in low conversion and high cart abandonment rates.  

Pure Formulas come up with the solution to that after implementing Progressive Web App Builder on their website. Progressive Web App Maker lowers the cart abandonment rates. Customers can now easily find needed health products. Customers can also plan a menu according to their preferences, health state, and dietary needs. 

  • +23% to mobile revenue;
  • 14% to the conversion rate;
  • +9% to the average order value.


Garbarino is an Argentina-based company that offers a wide range of products from furniture and electronics to toys and DIY items. After implementing Progressive Web App Creator, Garbarino obtains better performance, decreases in load time, and visitors navigate more on the website.

The interface of the web app is very much user-friendly, convenient and the features like filter, discounts help the customers to pick up the best product from the list. 

PWA Mobile App Builder

  • 27% Conversion rate increased 
  • 35% increase in Pageviews increased
  • 9% decrease in Bounce rate decreased


Snapdeal is the largest online marketplace in India that offers multiple products to its customers. The range of products varies from electronics and kitchen appliances to clothes and online entertainment. With the increase in the rate of user engagement, Snapdeal decided to implement eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder technology on their website. 

eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder

This was a fortunate decision for Snapdeal because Progressive Web App Builder provides a pinned footer menu, convenient filter menu, fast loading page and etc to the web app. Along with that users can also visit the web app even in offline mode. It added value to the user experience and enhances their shopping experience. 

UK Meds:

The pharmaceutical industry is no longer behind in terms of technology and UK Meds is the live example for that. The goal of UK Meds is to deliver the medicine to the customer’s doorstep conveniently and easily. The UK meds consist of all important features such as consultations, treatment, placing an order and getting it delivered, etc. 

UK Meds consists of all those things that a customer requires and to cater to all the needs of the customer without leaving behind in technology, UK Meds decided to implement Progressive Web App. It makes their web app easy to load, enhances the user experience, improves revenue, etc. 

5 Miles:

5 miles builds a bridge between nearby sellers and buyers. It is an online marketplace that is used to trade such things as cars, clothes, kitchen items, second-hand stuff, and so on. But the company was not able to deliver a better user experience to the customers. Because of the low retention and high bounce rate, the company decided to switch to native apps, but this strategy turns out to be very expensive and challenging. 

After getting inspired by technology trends, 5 Miles opted for PWA for eCommerce and it turns out to be a boon for them. The web app became fast and efficient and also showed a good decrease in bounce rate. The app also allows you to participate in a real-time bidding process, the bids change in flash and you may also get a drop-dead bargain.

  • 50% decrease in bounce rate
  • 30% increase in conversion rate
  • 30% increase in the time spent

Conclusion –

If you want to deliver a fast and seamless shopping experience on mobile, then you must opt for a Progressive Web Application. An eCommerce PWA Mobile App can bring much more to the table than you have ever thought of. We have mentioned worldwide brands that get benefits from PWA and you can also get the same by implementing it on your website. Knowband is here to turn your ideas into reality. If you invest wisely you are also able to obtain profit from PWA. You can contact us at

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