Add These Trending eCommerce Services in Your Online Store to Kick-start 2021


Every year, thousands of new businesses pin their hopes on becoming the next big success story. Most will not reach the towering heights of, say, Amazon or Facebook, (not generalizing) but a few will undoubtedly blossom into industry leaders. They are the businesses that will help shape the future with creative products, efficient ideas, and strong leadership skills.

Different new trends have begun to emerge that will mature and reach their true potential by 2021. You can make great strides and start 2021 in style by exploring these trends and eCommerce services. As the pandemic situation is clear to everyone if any new business is setting up then it should go digital. For new companies nowadays it is compulsory. So, if you go for mobile application development, or adopt AI and AR, it is worth it.

Here are the top 9 eCommerce services and trends on the radar for 2021.

1.     ReCommerce will see a New Dawn

The ReCommerce can rule the world of retail and eCommerce that’s why I have kept it on the top of my list. Nowadays the re-commerce industry no longer has the garage sales picture of the past. The second hand is not only a good alternative to price but also has become an environmentally friendly way of life.

ReCommerce and trade in used goods have immense potential. This is not only reflected in the high demand electronic sector but consumers are looking forward to ReCommerce in every industry. The current growth we see in rebuying reflects the great potential in ReCommerce and consumer electronics in particular.

2.     eCommerce Logistics


The home delivery apps and marketplaces offering on-demand services are the most popular business trend to follow post-COVID-19. Everyone is counting on 2021 hence it can be a new boost for delivery companies.

Online food delivery businesses, fresh goods delivery, medicine delivery, and many other doorstep delivery services can see a rise this year. Folks are searching for improvement and on-time home delivery is the one they are looking forward to.

3.     Booking and Rental Services

COVID-19 has changed how people, whether domestic or foreign, will determine their travel plans. Though travelers are ready to adjust to the new standard,’ the conditions for decision-making on the various aspects of travel and accommodation are expected to undergo unprecedented change.

booking-and-rental-services-to -start-in-2021

You can provide rental and booking services with a hygiene maintenance facility and this will surely a good service to provide post-COVID. This will make you stand out from the competition and is necessary for the new normal. With 2021 getting closer, travelers are expected to change the way they fly and grow.

One striking aspect is obviously expected to continue: versatility and value for travelers will remain a top priority and will demonstrate the way forward in the coming year. So offering pre-book facility and rental services for hotels, restaurants, cab bookings, etc. will give a kick start to the hospitality services.

4.     Hyperlocal businesses on boom

Start hyperlocal services in 2021

The market size for hyperlocal services was measured at $1,324.2 billion in 2019, and by 2027 it is expected to hit $3,634.3 billion, with a CAGR of 17.9% from 2021 to 2027.

Hyperlocal services are those services delivered within a small geographical region in which vendors are able to deliver products or services within a minimum amount of time. Hyperlocal services include the distribution of products and services; for instance, food and grocery delivery business, medicines, furniture, electronic items, and other fast consuming products.

You can start your home delivery business by using the delivery boy app or launch your marketplace with ready-made hyperlocal marketplace modules and manage it with minimal effort.

5.     Sell on-demand personalized products

In having your e-commerce company noticed, personalizing your website plays a major role. Online, a wide variety of goods are available and each product needs to be presented to the right consumer in the right way.

If you fail to do so, your products will remain stagnant in your inventory without reaching the customers who require them.

The personalization of e-commerce lies in knowing each client’s preference and needs and giving them a special tailor-made experience. This article is a complete guide on how to give a personalized customer experience.

6.     Digital Health Care Apps


Online health and fitness apps have gained next-level popularity in the last few years and the pandemic has added a lot to health care apps success.

You can do something if you are physically powerful. That’s why for the market it is an important app. So many new things can be provided.

Your health nowadays must be tracked by some application. You may provide them with certain facilities, such as calculating their BP, sugar, etc., which is mandatory for regular testing.

These types of facilities would definitely give rise to the demand for your application. You can now create your Mobile App with the ready-made module.

7.     App for Educational Content

If we are talking about the future, then education is the most important element. The pillar of the country’s growth is education. It provides a person with their identity, their thought, etc.

If you suggest that only higher education should be educated, then you might think about providing small children with basic material. For a start-up, this is a brilliant idea.

You should provide the students with outstanding content so that they can stay connected to your application. Launching a service marketplace can be a platform start for educational content creators and other freelancers.

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8.     Buy online and collect from store services

People have often preferred to purchase items offline after doing thorough online research. And others may be doing the opposite of offline research and buying them online. They are opting for BOPIS services because it has several benefits discussed here in my previous article.

Nearly 88% of consumers browse the web before purchasing anything. Even if this is not recent, the number of people following this strategy will rise in 2021.

9.     AI and AR will set the stage

It was perfect for Alexa and Google Home to turn the lights on, tell you the weather, and play your favorite radio stations. But they took over the e-commerce market quietly, too.

Artificial intelligence (AI) serves as your online in-store partner by supplying your clients with customized advice and feedback. AI uses the previous buying history and browsing habits of shoppers to show them items that they are more likely to buy.

Online shoppers do not try on or physically test the product they want to purchase, unlike in physical stores. Augmented Reality (AR) helps to eliminate this barrier by allowing consumers to see how they will look at a particular product right before buying the product.

You would definitely see a rise in conversions and a decrease in the return rate by introducing AI and AR in your e-commerce shop.


In the e-commerce market, the B2B model has always been dominant. In order to survive and succeed, not just consumers, but also every organization needs products and services.

Getting a clear understanding of their desires and shopping experiences is the only job. In 2021, this pattern is going to shoot up. Let’s wait and observe the huge development in the eCommerce industry.

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