Mobile Apps developed for Russian PrestaShop stores using Knwoband Mobile App Builder


E-commerce apps allow you to sell products to customers using a mobile app. Mobile usage for eCommerce has evolved and thrived like never in the past two years. Creating an app for your eCommerce has become statutory and unavoidable.

Mobile apps offer unique features to maximize the shopping experience for shoppers. We have gathered five Android/iOS Apps developed using KnowBand’s PrestaShop Mobile App builder Addon that provides a sophisticated shopping experience.

1.     Apteka24

Apteka24.TJ is Tajikistan’s first online pharmacy, and as a result of their collaboration, purchasing medicines has become an easy and convenient activity. Apteka24.TJ brings medications and hygiene items directly to your home, saving you both time and money.

With 1000+ installs on Google Play store, this PrestaShop mobile app is helping people get their medicines at their doorsteps. Apteka24 Mobile App has a separate category listing, a personalized home screen, and uncomplicated navigation for customers to find required medications.

It is easy to find products with voice search options and sort filters. Have a look at the checkout and payment screens of the app.

2.     BabyButik-nsk

BabyButik is a website for kid’s clothing and accessories. You will find a variety of shoes and outerwear for kids. The store has an app for iOS users that they have created with the help of KnowBand’s Mobile App Builder.

An eCommerce mobile App makes shopper’s life more convenient. Having a functional in-app search reduces the friction in the purchase path. The Voice search option gives a personalized experience to customers.

With the OTP login, the sign-up process becomes simple. Also, the implementation of live chat support in the PrestaShop mobile app offers seamless customer support and services.

Shipping options mentioned in the app are:

CDEK Courier Service, Russian Post, provides next-day delivery. CDEK courier service delivers to Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Residents of Novosibirsk can self-pickup the products.

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3.     Колор Маркет

Colormarket is a service market that has been selling auto repair parts for over ten years. Use their mobile app to choose automotive paint and painting supplies for your cars. It is your dependable and high-quality car’s cosmetic care assistance in Russia.

You can explore and search for the products on the store’s mobile app developed on PrestaShop. The KnowBand’s PrestaShop iOS App builder has a feature to send endless push notifications. Thus, customers will always get notified about the store’s activities like inventory, new product arrivals, etc.

The checkout process is easy with a simple registration and sign-up option. Explore the app features:

4.     Meniňki

Meniňki is a clothing app where you will find a collection for women, clothing for men, children, and household goods. The app’s home page is interactive and has good CTAs. It has a category page, sorting option, product filter, shopping cart, and other personalized features to deliver an amazing shopping experience.

The checkout page of the Meninki PrestaShop Mobile app supports all of the famous payment gateways and shipping methods. It has a simple sign-up form. The Mobile App allows social login with Facebook and Google. It also has features like fingerprint login and mobile number login.

Below are the App’s images:


5.     Gutmarkt

Gutmarkt is a professional shop for permanent makeup and tattoo artists. The app for Gutmarkt is developed using the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module. It shows best sellers, new arrivals, and appealing banners on the home page.

On the other hand, you can search for the products in the category section. Every product of the store has a piece of descriptive information for better understanding. Its clear CTAs also influence the purchase decision of the customer.


A mobile app that gives a seamless shopping experience increases conversion rate, customer retention, and customer acquisition.

Features of PrestaShop iOS and Android Mobile App Builder Module:

Build a mobile app with PrestaShop Mobile App creator developed by Knowband. The plugin is highly customizable and does not require any coding.

  1. Create a native iOS/Android App for your website
  2. The data will be in real-time synchronization
  3. Customize the home page design and layout
  4. Allows Tablet and Mobile Optimization
  5. It supports all product types including digital products
  6. Integrate with WhatsApp and Zopim for Live Chat support
  7. Simplified checkout with social login, fingerprint login, and OTP sign up
  8. Send unlimited push notifications to customers
  9. Customers can track orders
  10. Compatible with Multi vendor Marketplace module and delivery boy app.

For Mobile App customization and to add any additional features, drop us an email at You can discuss your requirement with our experts and they will help you create a mobile app that matched your needs.

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