5 Examples of How PrestaShop Mobile App Builder Uncovered Development Challenges- France eCommerce

5 Examples of How PrestaShop Mobile App Builder Uncovered Development Challenges- France eCommerce

A mobile app becomes a success if it caters to the requirements of the shoppers and delivers an exclusive shopping experience. While thousands of apps get published every day, why do only a few get successful? There could be many reasons that make an app successful but above all the idea matters.

Once you come up with the striking idea, it’s time for the implementation. Create a website first and then a robust mobile app for giving an incredible shopping experience.

In this blog post, we have gathered the 5 best examples of France eCommerce Mobile Apps that have been created using KnowBand’s PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App Builder. You can install them from the Google Play store to check out the features.

Challenges in building a mobile app

1.     Decide on the right App to develop

The very first challenge in launching an app is deciding what is right for your brand. The app should be innovative and engaging. You must comprehend and narrow down the fundamental criteria, such as the app’s aim, budget, and more!

2.     Development technology

Since you have a clear understanding of your niche and the app idea, you can focus on the development technology. The challenge here is choosing the right development technology. It can be hybrid, native, or cross-platform.

3.     Who will be the developer

This is most challenging when there are thousands of people providing their services. To develop a native app for an existing website, instead of going from scratch, you can use a ready-made Mobile App builder plugin from KnowBand.

4.     Customer Experience and feedback

A customer should not find any difficulty in operating the app and searching for the desired product. For this, navigation comes in the scenario. For the business app, keep the buttons viewable that a user can access with ease.

The PrestaShop Mobile App builder by KnowBand provides clear and bold navigation, CTAs, voice search, sort and filter options for the shoppers.

5.     Security

Mobile app developers confront a number of challenges when it comes to security. To overcome this, KnowBand PrestaShop Mobile App Builder provides live chat support. To solve any concerns you can also ask for a customized app, the developer team will deliver you an app matching your expectations.

Fab-5 PrestaShop Mobile Apps in Action- France eCommerce

For the starter, I must mention that the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is an extremely easy-to-configure solution for launching a robust android and iOS app. It takes you 3 steps to install and configure. Finding a mobile app for your business that supports all the payment gateways for your country can be tedious but KnowBand’s Mobile App supports multiple payment and shipping methods that are popular in France.

Category: Lifestyle

1.     Ivoire Chaussures France eCommerce store


Ivoire Chaussures is a lifestyle app created on PrestaShop platform. It is a store for France users where you will find a variety of shoes for various occasions.

The mobile app is created using the PrestaShop Android Mobile App builder. The front end of the app looks engaging and has a captivating design. To find the products, customers can use voice search or explore in the category section.

CTAs for adding a product to the cart and checkout is very clear. Anyone in France can access the app and shop from the Ivoire store with ease.

Category: Health and Fitness

As said before, we are helping businesses creating mobile apps that cater to customer satisfaction and delivers incredible shopping experiences.

We have created some mobile apps for businesses dealing in health and fitness. Our Mobile App Builder helped these eCommerce companies of France in bringing their store to everyone’s pocket.

2.     Ivory Fitnex


Ivory Fitness is an eCommerce mobile app dedicated to bodybuilding and related products.

The app is in real-time synch with the website. All the offers running on the website are also applicable on the mobile app.

This PrestaShop Android app is developed using KnowBand’s Mobile App Builder Module.

From the landing page to the super checkout page, the user will find the app easy and accessible.

3.     Viva Medical

You now have instant access to the complete Viva Medical store with its app developed using KnowBand PrestaShop Mobile App Builder.

Both in terms of medical supply services and health care, Viva Medical is a must-have provider in the healthcare area. Whether you are a healthcare professional, a medical student, or a person, this app allows you to find “best sellers” of medical equipment that satisfy all of your demands.

Have a look at its features:

Viva Medical-France-ecommerce-prestashop-mobile-app-builder-module-ecommerce

The app supports all the application payment and shipping methods of France.

Manage doorstep delivery with Delivery Boy App

Mobile App demand is increasing and with that the management of online delivery becomes tedious. To manage the delivery process with ease, explore KnowBand’s delivery boy app which is also compatible with the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module.

Category: eCommerce Shopping

Shopping Apps developed using PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

4.     Inter Easy Shop

The Inter Easy Shop Mobile App has a collection of books, laptops, smartphones, connected objects, consoles, and video games, cosmetics, etc, to ensure shopping!

It has a personalized home page, custom login, payment and shipping options, a great checkout page with social login, fingerprint login, and mobile number sign-up. Additionally, it provides live chat support and many other exciting features for customers.


It offers simple and secure payment!

Customers can pay their payments by mobile money (Moov Money, Orange Money, Tmoney, MTN Mobile Money, others), by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, others), and by cryptocurrency (bitcoin, others).

5. Europhone.gp Gadget Shopping App

Europhone is a website delivering products in France. You will find a variety of electronic gadgets, mobile phones, tablets, etc. from multiple brands on one platform!

The mobile app has a great design that matches the theme of the store. The banners are attractive and can be changed from the backend of the application.

If there is a product that a customer likes and want to save, they allow their customers to add such products to the wishlist as well. The entire purchase process is simple from finding the product to placing the order

Shopping from the app gives a personalized shopping experience!


KnowBand’s Customized Development Services

With the mobile app purchase, you get 3 months of free support from the KnowBand at a 1-time payment. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is available for Android and iOS. You can also create a mobile app for your marketplace with the same module if you are using KnowBand’s Marketplace plugin.

For any custom features, you can share your query with our team at support@knowband.com. We will discuss, work on it and deliver the product matching your expectations.

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