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With the growth of the eCommerce industry & mobile apps, online businesses are coming up with major shifts. The latest technology changes are able to provide a pleasant shopping experience to the customers and also helps in increasing sales and revenue. The Progressive Web App is one such technology that is known for responsiveness, fast loading, rapid installation, and other various exciting features. Moreover, the eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to easily transform the eCommerce store into Progressive Web App.

The Knowband PWA Mobile App Maker for eCommerce is a ready-made plugin for launching a featured shopping app. The extension gives a native app-like experience in the PWA Mobile App without any sort of technical knowledge. The store admin can handle all changes & configurations from the backend of the module. The changes will be reflected on the live eCommerce PWA Mobile App automatically. It is a very lightweight app and can seamlessly and smoothly run on any device.

[NEW UPDATE] RTL Feature In KnowBand PWA Mobile Apps:

eCommerce Progressive Web App

The language plays an important role in grabbing the user’s attention & improve the shopping experience. But, many eCommerce mobile apps can not target a vast mobile audience because of the language barrier. To target the market regionally and globally, the store admin just needs to add their native language on the website and Progressive Web App. With PWA Mobile App Maker, it becomes very handy to launch the Progressive Web App for the eCommerce store.

The store admin can add multiple languages on the PWA Mobile App including RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. The Progressive Web App supports all the languages available on the eCommerce website. This makes it easy to target the audience from different regions and expand the business reach. Now, the store admin can include more languages on the app other than the website. Here are some of the screens showcasing how the RTL screens will look like:

PWA Mobile App

eCommerce PWA Mobile AppProgressive Web App

What is PWA Mobile App Builder & how does it work?

The Progressive Web App Creator offers a great customer experience to the users and it is a ready-made software plugin that allows the store admin to perform all the customizations. All the changes are performed with a few mouse tweaks in the admin panel without any coding knowledge.

Once the eCommerce website has been integrated with the Progressive Web App Builder, all the eCommerce website data/inventory will be automatically fetched on the mobile app. The user can easily install the Progressive Web App just by accessing the store URL on the mobile browser. Knowband offers PWA Mobile App for all major platforms like PrestaShop, Magento 2, WooCommerce, OpenCart. Check more details from the below links:


Product link –

Admin demo Link –

Front end demo link-


Product link –

Admin demo Link –

Front end demo link-

Magento 2:

Product link –

Admin demo Link –

Front end demo link–


Product link –

Admin demo Link –

Front end demo link-

Other Key Features of the Progressive Web App Creator:

These are some points that you should consider in your Progressive Web App before going for it. These features help the eCommerce business to get a boost in conversion-

1. Easy Branding With Customization Option:

The branding option in the eCommerce PWA Mobile App consists of an app logo, brand name, icon, image, splash screen, background color, etc. This allows the store admin to establish the brand identity in the mind of the customers using the PWA Mobile App. Poor branding strategies can lead to lower traffic and reduce the conversion rate. The whole look of the home screen layout, color, font, etc. can be easily changed from the module admin panel. The right set of banners, images, text can lead to improved app interface and conversions.

2. Tablet & Mobile Compatible:

The eCommerce Progressive Web App is not platform or device-dependent and it is very much lightweight. The eCommerce app can smoothly run on Android/iOS and mobile/tablet and easily get adapted with all multi-screen sized devices.

3. One-Click Login & Checkout:

The PWA Mobile App Builder consists of one-click login options with Facebook & Google. The inbuilt login and registration options such as Google & Facebook and email allow users to access PWA Mobile App with ease.

The eCommerce shopping app allows the customers to fill in only necessary information while performing the transactions. This gives them the benefit of simplified checkout. This option prevents the customer from getting irritated and offers a smooth transaction process.

4. All Payment & Shipping Methods Support:

To gain the trust and reliability of the customers, the store admin can use multiple payment and shipping options in the PWA Mobile App. All the payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce website can be added to the Progressive Web App. The customers can easily shop from the most preferable payment & shipping options.

5. Real-Time Synchronization:

The real-time synchronization feature fetches the eCommerce website product inventory and data into the mobile app automatically. The store admin can easily update the app inventory as of website without the need of putting manual efforts again.

6. Lightweight App with Fast Loading:

The PWA app is very much lightweight and fast loading than the native apps. The Progressive Web App Builder ensures fast app performance and makes it smoothly run on all devices and platforms. The users do not have to depend on the Play Store and App Store to install the eCommerce mobile app.

7. Supports Offline Mode:

The eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder consists of a cache of previously loaded data. It shows the data to users even if they are not connected to the internet. The user conveniently uses the shopping app with ease and adds products to their wishlist and cart.

8. Zopim and Whatsapp Chat Options:

The Progressive Web App Maker consists of Zopim and Whatsapp Chat features that helps to solve the queries and issues of the customers. Customer support is available 24*7 for mobile shoppers. The feature allows the user to connect with the store admin whenever required.


This blog consists of eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder features that ensure fast performance and reliable shopping channel for your mobile audience. Such PWA Mobile App can give a boost and competitive edge to the business. The outstanding features of the readymade plugin help in achieving a good conversion rate and sales from the mobile audience. You can reach us at in case of any queries.

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