How to Boost Your Sales and Revenue with Mobile Apps?

How to Boost Your Sales and Revenue with Mobile Apps

Modern eCommerce trends have changed the way people shop. Where in the past decade did consumers prefer visiting offline stores? On the other hand, nowadays online businesses are ruling the eCommerce industry. The reason behind the same is simple. Online shopping not only saves time and costs for the customers but also provides a lot more options to choose from. Even the trend did not remain till the websites. Nowadays, customers are giving priority to mobile apps when going for online purchases. The same reason is increasing the need for Mobile Apps for online businesses. Thus, eCommerce App Development is running towards its peak.

But the question is that is the Mobile Apps relevant? Are mobile apps one of the effective ways that can boost your online business sales?

We have covered some of the most sounding reasons why you should give eCommerce Mobile App Development a go. Let’s find out in the below-mentioned points.

reasons why you should give eCommerce Mobile App Development a go

Additional Selling Channel

One of the major reasons that attract online sellers towards mobile apps is that mobile apps work as an additional sales channel. For example, if you sell the same products on Mobile Apps along with your website, the chances of getting more views increase at a considerable rate.

Moreover, multi-channel selling is the modern way of doing online business. Because selling on as many platforms as possible is always beneficial for an online business.

Thus, if you are looking for the reasons for having Android and iOS mobile Apps, additional selling channels are the first one.

Brand Recognization and Reach

Having native iOS and Android Mobile Apps for every business is the modern trend in the online business community. From start-ups to major players like Amazon, businesses prefer mobile apps along with their websites.

The reason behind the same is that, while ordering mobile app enables the beat of confidence in the customers. Thus, not only mobile apps provide a plus from the brand recognization aspect. But also, the apps add significant boosts to the brand reach.

Business Customer Interaction


Business customer relation is the backbone of the eCommerce business industry. For example, the major factor is that if a customer visits the apps or the web, he will surely have queries about the business or the products.

On the other hand, if you have a pair of eCommerce Android and iOS Apps, you can interact with your customer base in various ways. For example, you can take aid from Push Notifications, Live chat support, abandoned cart follow-ups, and many more direct communication methods.

Instance, we also provide unlimited Push Notifications and WhatsApp chat support features in Knowband PrestaShop and OpenCart App Maker.

True Native Experience

One of the major reasons why customers prefer mobile apps over websites is the native experience. Not only the Mobile App provides faster and smooth responses. But also, enables the true buzz while exploring the eCommerce platform.

Moreover, the chances of web abandonment are much more on websites in comparison to Mobile Apps.

Thus, if you are looking for offering a truly native experience to your customer, Mobile Apps are the most suitable choice you can go with. Instance, the enhanced customer experience will not take much time to turn single-time customers into returning ones.


Competitive Advantage

If you consider yourself a unique online seller, you might be getting the wrong ideas about the market. Although the eCommerce market is tough to enter because of market competition. Yet, you can find thousands of online sellers selling the same products online.

Thus, in the busy neighborhood, the sellers invent and adopt the latest market trends to come over the market competition. Moreover, having eCommerce Mobile Apps not only adds a boost to the brand reputation but also helps the business to stand out from the market competition.

How to Get Mobile App for Your Business?


Although getting your Android and iOS Mobile Apps will require a lot of coding and technical skills. Yet, there is another way. With the help of the Knowband Mobile App Builder Module, the OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and Magento 2 online sellers can get their Mobile Apps within 3-5 business days.

Moreover, the amazing fact is that you will not require any sort of coding or technical skills. On top of that, you get fully flagged Flutter-based Android and iOS Apps which can be easily configured from the admin panel of your store.

Thus, in case you are planning to review the free demo apps for your store, you can always find us at

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