6 Examples of Spanish PrestaShop Business Apps Developed using KnowBand Mobile App Builder Module

A mobile app increases business opportunities as it allows you to handle information in real-time. To create an app, a developer has to do a lot of research based on platform, product type, niche, target audience, etc. The work does not stop here, but it also requires an accessible user interface. Your eCommerce app should provide a delightful user experience to everyone regardless of the demography or the region.

KnowBand has developed several apps considering the user’s needs for various eCommerce clients worldwide. We have designed and developed an Application Builder module that only requires updating the configuration settings and your app will be ready to go live on the play store.

In this blog, we have compiled some examples of Spanish Mobile Business Apps developed using PrestaShop Mobile App Builder Module.

PrestaShop Business App Builder Module

From conversion to customer retention, mobile apps are the most effective tools for every eCommerce business. It has several features to improve the online shopping experience of your store.

  • The App builder is available for both iOS and Android.
  • It works in real-time synchronization with the website
  • The merchant can add or change the banners to redesign the home page
  • For the product page, it has sort and the filter feature
  • Simple and easy checkout process with social login, OTP login, and mobile number login
  • Supports multiple payment and shipping options

Let’s examine these features of the app builder module with some real-life examples of Spanish eCommerce.

6 Examples of PrestaShop Business Apps Developed for Spanish eCommerce

1.     Leyva Decoration- eCommerce mobile App

If you’ve recently shifted to a new apartment or want to renovate one, Leyva Decoration can assist you in designing and redecorating it to achieve excellent results. With a new design and a large choice of items, get inspired and buy anywhere and whenever you want with Leyva Decoration App developed and designed using PrestaShop Mobile App Builder Module.

You can use the app to: -View decorative products by category -Use an advanced search engine to conduct searches, Pay quickly and securely, Pay with cash or credit card at the time of delivery, Track orders, Log in to Facebook and Google. Choose a shipping address for your products, Receive updates about discounts and special offers, Compare products, etc.

Download the app for free and take advantage of Decoration Leyva’s daily specials.


2.     DISHORECA- PrestaShop Mobile App

DISHORECA is a mobile application that allows you to order drinks 24 hours a day. The app also allows you to place orders within few seconds, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your business. Dishoreca is a popular website in Spain and to make their App, they used KnowBand’s Mobile App Builder.

This PrestaShop mobile app is designed for HORECA professionals, convenience stores, and supermarkets. You can use the app to place orders, repeat purchases with a single click, review historical data, and receive news, offers, special deals, and other features that will make your company purchases easier.

Have a look at the app features:


3.     bawone- PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App

Bawone is an online African and Latin goods superstore where you can find any product from any country and save time and money.

Bawone is built on the PrestaShop platform and to create the mobile app for android users, they have used KnowBAnd’s PrestaShop Android app builder.

You will find all the groceries and with filters, you can easily find the desired products.


4.     AXXA Market- PrestaShop Business App

At AXXA Market, you can get the best culinary supplies without leaving the convenience of your own home. Install it now and start having fun!

The app sends push notifications with the latest information on the local market on high-quality, healthy, and dietary products.

As a user of this app, you will be notified of our specials as soon as they are published. For customer service, they respond to your concerns from WhatsApp, mail, or by phone.

App filters can help you identify and sort products that meet your diet and lifestyle, such as Paleo, Keto (ketogenic), vegan, and more. We’ve covered all you need to know about caring for and protecting your health.

Have a look at the app features with checkout page and payment gateways.


5.     Farmacollection- Mobile App for Android

The Next Mobile eCommerce app on the list is the Farmacollection mobile app. They have a wide range of eyewear for every face type. The app is build up using KnowBand’s PrestaShop Mobile App builder facilitating easy search to find the right spectacles for you.

A customer can purchase a suitable product by applying filters and sorting features. To complete the purchase on Farmacollection mobile app, the user will have to register first by providing a mobile number and email address.

Once a customer gets registered, they can log in with email, phone number, or using the fingerprint sensor.


6. Kangumarket Android Mobile App

Kangumarket is another real-life example of Spanish PrestaShop business apps created by KnowBand using the PrestaShop mobile app builder module. It encompasses all the features. The app also provides easy access to products, is findable, and builds credibility with the customers.


Final thought

For the time being, an eCommerce mobile app will stay in a long run and as an eCommerce business owner, having a mobile app for the store will be a thoughtful decision. Click here to get your mobile app builder and our expert team will help you set up and configure it for your eCommerce business. If you are looking for delivery management software then the delivery boy app might help you.

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