How to Display Related Products on PrestaShop Website Pages


Looking for the finest ways to upsell or cross-sell to customers? Add related products on your PrestaShop website pages. It’s not simply a nice-to-have feature for your e-commerce site; it’s an essential aspect of the sales process. To make your business marketing strategy work well, you can give a shot to upsell and cross-sell. This technique works for every business, be it a small company or an eCommerce like Amazon.  If you are not sure, how to display related products on the product page, shopping cart, or various website pages, I will recommend you to add the PrestaShop Automatic Related Product Module to your PrestaShop storefront.

Discover about PrestaShop Automatic related product module

There are several methods for displaying related products on multiple pages. The PrestaShop-related products module can be configured by the store administrator to meet the needs.

Features of PrestaShop Automatic Related Product addon:

  • With the aid of PrestaShop Automatic Related Products module, display related products automatically on:
    • Homepage
    • Product pages
    • Category pages
    • Cart pages
    • Manufacturer page
    • Purchase confirmation pages


  • Store owners can display the most relevant products and can only include available products.
  • The PrestaShop-related products module allows customizing the title of the related product block in a variety of languages.
  • Easy positioning of the related products. Show related products in the left column, right column, or at the bottom of the page.
  • The store manager can choose how to display the related products. Showcase the most popular products, best sellers, new items, or by using user history.
  • The PrestaShop automatic related product addon allows the manager to show a list of specific products on the related product list.
  • There is an attribute, keyword filter, that can be specified for particular pages.
  • Set the maximum number of linked products that can be displayed on various pages.
  • The PrestaShop-related products module allows specifying the priority mechanism to display related products.

If no related products exist for the first priority requirement, the module will go on to the next level of priority.


How store owners get benefited by showing Recommended Products?

PrestaShop Automatic related product addon has several advantages.


On the homepage, product pages, category pages, cart pages, manufacturer sites, and purchase confirmation pages; this related product extension displays the related items. Showing a mobile cover when a customer is buying a new mobile phone increases the chances of purchase. This is how cross-selling works.

Several filters to achieve the relevancy

Display only available and in-stock products as related items. Select the method for displaying related products, such as

  1. Top-visited products
  2. Bestsellers
  3. New items
  4. Displaying relevant goods based on user history

Showing a product that is ‘out of stock’ will create a negative impact on your prospect. To save yourself from this situation, you can now hide out-of-stock items from the related product list. After all, customer experience is your priority.

This may happen that a customer does not find the right product while exploring your website. They even get confused about what is best to have. Show related products on the product page to help them find what they were looking for.

Increase average cart value on your PrestaShop store

Customers can buy more things if they look at the products that are similar to the ones they have picked. To improve sales, the administrator can show excellent identical products.

Mobile responsive and compatibility check

The module is responsive to all the devices like mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Every user can see related products in every browser automatically. The PrestaShoprelated product module is highly compatible with all other Prestashop themes. Multistore compatibility, multi-lingual compatibility, and SSL compatibility are some of the plus points.

Conclusion: It is easy to install and can be a major game-changer if used as a cross-selling tool. It emphasizes the look of the product page and other website pages. Display related products anywhere on the website. To the left, right, or on the bottom of the website page. The PrestaShop Related Product addon maximizes the engagement rate on your store and reduces bounce rate.

So, how long are you going to wait? Now is the time to get this cross-selling solution and take your earnings to the next level.

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