Magento Instagram Shop Gallery extension

Magento Instagram Shop Gallery extension is a simple yet effective Magento extension that integrates your Instagram account on your Magento store. It fetches your Instagram account images or images put under a particular hashtag, on your Magento store. It helps you display the user-generated content and allows you to tag similar products available on your store to that content. User-generated content helps people make a better purchase decision.

Instagram Shop Gallery extension for Magento 2 adds an attractive Instagram look to your e-commerce store.

  1. Display Instagram Shop Gallery anywhere on your website, be it on Home Page, Product Page, Category Page, Contact Us Page, etc.
  2. You can place the Instagram Shop Gallery link at the footer of your website.
  3. Display the likes and comments of the images on the Instagram Shop Gallery.
  4. Though you can fetch as many images as you want, set a limit for the number of images to be shown in the Instagram Shop Gallery section.
  5. Select the kind of images that you want to display in the Gallery. For example, all the images, approved images or images mapped with related products.
  6. Define the hashtags for which you want to fetch the images. This becomes so helpful if you are running a marketing campaign.
  7. Magento Instagram Shop Gallery extension allows you to create a URL for your Instagram Shop Gallery page.
  8. Carousel mode provides an appealing interface to the Instagram gallery.
  9. Magento Instagram Shop Gallery extension is easy to install and set up with no requirement of technical knowledge.
  10. It is a multi-lingual and multi-store compatible extension.
  11. It is a fully responsive extension that fits perfectly with mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Final word

Today, Instagram is one of the leading social media networks having a massive user engagement rate. Hence, having an Instagram Gallery section on your Magento store can be a great idea to enhance the user experience. Moreover, products attached to Instagram images can increase the conversion possibility. Do try out the Magento Instagram Shopping Gallery extension.

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Manish Barthwal

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