OpenCart Instagram Shop Gallery extension

OpenCart Instagram Shop Gallery extension fetches the user-generated content as well as the content from your own Instagram business account and displays it on your e-commerce store.

What is User-generated content?

Any type of content, be it images, videos or text, that is shared by a user reflecting a brand promotion, is known as the user-generated content.

Have you ever run Instagram contests based on user-generated content? A contest where you ask your followers to use a particular hashtag and share their story or a picture highlighting your product, to win some exciting prizes.

Freelancing platform Upwork asked its followers to share their freelancing success stories using the hashtag #UpworkSuccess and provided a chance to win $1000 Visa Gift Card.

Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign was a huge hit in 2014 when the Brand asked users to share their pictures while enjoying the drink, using the hashtag “ShareaCoke”.

Considering the importance of user-generated content, KnowBand introduces the OpenCart Shop Gallery extension that helps you display the user-generated content on your eCommerce store and link your products to the content shared by the end-user. If you have launched a marketing campaign, you can share the received responses on your e-commerce store.

OpenCart Instagram Shop Gallery extension lets you add Instagram images or videos to your e-commerce store, be it through your own Instagram account or by using hashtags. You can use those images to tag similar products available on your store and display it to your store visitors. Attractive product images can help you drive more sales.

1. Add as many photos as you want

You can fetch numerous images from the Instagram platform. OpenCart Instagram Shop Gallery extension provides the option to fetch images from your own account(personal or business) or you can consider using hashtags. For example, if you are running a campaign for a particular hashtag, you can display the images related to that hashtag on your store.

2. Create categories for your Instagram Shop

Add a category(tag) to your Instagram shop and define the hashtags for it to put related images under that category. In simple terms, all the images under the defined hashtag will be displayed under the added tag, in your store.

3. Tag your store products on the images

You can tag your products on the content that matches your products. It helps people make a better purchase decision.

4. Choose a layout

OpenCart Instagram Shop Gallery offers two layouts to display the Instagram feed- Carousel view and Grid view. Moreover, you can choose the layout design for multiple pages like Home Page, Product Page, Category page, etc.

Apart from these features,

You can provide a name to the Instagram tab that will be displayed to your store visitors.

You can mark images as “Featured” and display it on your Instagram Shop Gallery.

Products tagged on the images can be viewed under “Tagged with Products”.

For a particular category, you can choose the maximum number of images to be displayed under it. Choose the Layout type and also display the Follow us link.

You can display the like and comment count

Customize the color of the “Follow us” button.

Customize the Instagram Gallery according to your own choice.

Final Word

Instagram user count crossed the 1 billion Mark on June 2018 and the numbers are growing significantly. It is being actively used by the people, especially the youth and most people even find it more interesting than Facebook. Do you know, more than 95 million posts are shared on Instagram daily? With such active participation of the users, showcasing the user-generated content at Instagram, on your OpenCart store can be an ideal way for your business to create brand awareness and increase sales.

Do check out the OpenCart Instagram Shop Gallery extension to know its complete features and benefits.

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