Magento 2 Instagram Shop Gallery extension


If you own an e-commerce store on the Magento 2 platform and want to give your store a look of an Instagram shop, the Magento 2 Instagram Shop Gallery extension will surely match your requirements.

Magento 2 Instagram Shop Gallery extension lets you fetch content from Instagram hashtags and convert them into shoppable posts. The content is displayed in your Instagram Shop gallery.

Note: Products are not tagged on the images but are mentioned outside the image.

  1. You can search for images based on hashtags and use them to display similar products that are available in your store.
  2. Display the Instagram Galley on multiple pages of your website. For example, Home Page, Product Page, Top navigation bar, etc.
  3. Choose images that you want to feature on your Instagram Gallery to grab people’s attention. While adding images, you can mark them approved and map your related products to them. After adding, you can select whether you want to display only approved images, images attached to product or both. This can be done under “Image visibility”.
  4. Add the products that you want to link to a particular image.
  5. Display the likes and comments of the Instagram posts on your Instagram Gallery.
  6. Set a limit to the maximum number of images to be shown on a particular page or the Instagram gallery.
  7. You can create multiple galleries.
  8. Arrange product images based on your preference. For example, if you want to display an image at the number 1 position, you can keep the sort order as 1.
  9. You can add as many images as you want.
  10. Enable/Disable the Magento 2 Instagram Shop Gallery extension anytime.
  11. It is a mobile responsive and multi-store compatible module.
  1. Through your Instagram account, you can ask your followers to share their content, story or photos related to your products using a hashtag, and then feature them on your website. It is generally known as user-generated content.
  2. User-generated content provides free brand awareness which no advertisement can beat.
  3. Having an Instagram Shop Gallery section attracts customers and increases customer engagement.

Final Word

Magento 2 Instagram Shop Gallery extension helps you provide appealing visuals to your store products. It enhances the user interface of your store by adding a beautiful Instagram gallery. Do try out this Magento 2 extension.

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