Prestashop Review Reminder and Incentive Addon- User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Product reviews are the best way to build the much-needed trust amongst the online shoppers. The eCommerce store owners can now provide compelling reasons to their customers to provide their reviews and rating. With the help of Prestashop Review Reminder and Incentive module, the e-merchants can now send their customer email reminders asking to share their feedback on the recent purchases. The customer gets lucrative discounts in return for the reviews. Thus, it provides a win-win situation for both the customers as well as the e-merchants.

The handy module allows the admin to keep a check on the reminder triggers as well as the incentives offered. The admin can set the timing when they want to send the reminder and fix the incentive criteria from the back-end. Even the email to be sent can be personalized in a matter of moment from the admin interface. Moreover, the PrestaShop review reminder and incentive addon offers an easy medium to approve/disapprove the reviews and ratings received from the end users. The users can even like/dislike the reviews that are posted on the website.

Note: The eCommerce store visitors and the customer can provide N number of reviews on any of the product. The restriction of the module is only on the review reminders and the incentive criteria. The customer will get only one incentive in return of the review on a particular product.

1.1 Project Objectives

The project objectives of PrestaShop review reminder module are listed below:

1. Configure the Smart review reminder module and set the incentive criteria. Personalize the email triggers from the backend.

2. Manage the reminder triggers and emails.

3. Exclude the product or category from the reminder and incentive criteria.

4. Moderate the status of the reviews before they are posted on the website.

5. Track the reviews and the incentives for the various products and categories.

2.0 Prestashop Review Reminder and Incentive Module Installation

Order the module from the our store. You will receive following files as listed below:

1. Zipped file with the source code of the module

2. User Manual

Follow the following steps to install this PrestaShop star rating extension:

  1. Unzip the zipped file. You’ll find a number of files and folders as shown below –
  2. Copy all the files and folders from unzipped folder and paste them into your store “Modules” directory on the path – Root Directory/modules/.
  3. You can find the Prestashop product review reminder module in Store Admin -> Modules and Services. You may even search the module with following details –

Keyword – Review Reminder and Incentive

Category – Front office Feature

Filter By – Installed & Not Installed / Enabled & Disabled

  1. Click on “Install” button to install the module. It would show a pop-up for your confirmation. Click on “Proceed with the installation” option. This step will install the module and show notification – “Module(s) installed successfully”.
  2. Once the installation is complete, you can proceed to configure the Prestashop product review reminder module as shown below:

3.0 Admin Interface

The store admin can now motivate their customers to give their reviews and ratings on the products purchased by them in few simple steps. Once the installation of PrestaShop review reminder and incentive addon is complete, the module can be easily configured from the back-end of the admin interface. The e-merchants gets following configuration options:

  • General Settings
  • Reminder Settings
  • Exclude Settings
  • Product Reviews
  • Reports

3.1 How to configure the module?

The very first step of the Prestashop product review reminder module configuration involves enabling/disabling it. This can be done from the back-end at a button click. In addition, the admin can even enable/disable the incentive being offered in return of the ratings as shown in the image below.

Once the incentive criteria is enabled, the admin can enter the desired amount for the same.


The incentive can be offered either to any of the store visitors or to the buyers of the site in particular. In case a buyer is selected, then, he/she should be the buyer of that particular product in order to get the incentive. The admin can choose any one from the drop-down list.


In addition, the admin can even approve or disapprove the review before they are posted on the website. For this, the Manual moderation rule is to be selected. If the moderation rule is automatic, then, the reviews of the customers will be automatically approved.


The admin interface of PrestaShop product review reminder and incentive module offers default email templates to the e-merchants. There are two types of email that can be sent to the customer.

  • When the review is approved, but they don’t get any incentive in return
  • When the review is posted on the website.
  • An apology mail to notify that the review was disapproved
  • The email with the notification that the review has been posted and the customer can view it by clicking on the link.

In each case, the admin can change the subject line of the email and personalize the template as required. The PrestaShop product review reminder and incentive module offers multi-lingual support. Thus, these changes can be done in multiple languages by selecting the desired one as shown in the image below:


3.2 How to Configure the Review Reminders?

In order to send reminders to the customers for sending their reviews, the admin needs to enable this functionality from the back-end.

The admin can even send the reminder automatically after a certain duration from the day of order creation. The number of days after which the reminder is to be sent can be entered as shown in the image.


The admin can even select the order status after which he wants to send the reminder. For this, the above-mentioned functionality must be disabled. The admin can then select the order status. The number of days after which the mail is to be sent is entered. The module will check the order status and will send the mail after the prescribed duration.


The email or the reminder trigger can be personalized from the back-end. The subject line as well as the content of the email can be changed and modified in multiple languages.


3.3 How to Exclude a Product or category from this functionality?

The reminder and incentive criteria can be included all the products and categories of the store. However, if the admin wants to exclude any of the product or category from the same, this can be done from the ‘Exclude Setting’ tab.

3.3.1 Exclude a Product

Go to the ‘Product’ tab and then click on the ‘+’ in order to add the product name that you want to exclude.


The products can be excluded easily by entering the name manually.


The selected item can seen in the list as shown below. The admin can even edit or delete the selected item.


3.3.2 Exclude a Category

Similarly, for the selecting the category, go to ‘+’ in the top right corner. Just expand the categories and check the ones that you want to exclude.


3.3 How to Approve or Disapprove a Review?

The customers can enter their reviews in the front-end of the website by entering their Name and Email IDs. In case the Moderation setting is Automatic, then, the review will be automatically posted on the website. However, if it’s Manual, then, it will be posted after the approval of the admin.


The admin can view the entire reviews in the back end.


These reviews can be edited or deleted at a button click.


The status of the Pending Reviews can be changed by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button. The status of the review can be selected as shown below.


In addition, the admin can even post the review with a bit of modification if they wish. He can change the Helpful Votes for the review along with the review incentive.

The PrestaShop review reminder and incentive addon even allows the store admin to differentiate between the fake reviewers and genuine customer reviews. The option of ‘Certified Buyer’ can be enabled for the genuine customers who posted their reviews on the product page.


3.4 How to Track the Reviews and Incentive?

The reviews and the incentives can be easily tracked from the admin interface.

The store owners can either track the reports of individual products, an entire category or the products of a particular manufacturer or supplier.

Select any one option and you can view the reviews received and the incentives offered.


3.5 How does the Audit Log works?

The Audit log of the admin interface keeps a track on all the email send to the customers and the status of the same. Click on the ‘Audit Log’ section as shown below and you can view the entire list of the email trigger send.



The email that was send to the customers along with the descriptions of it’s purpose and it’s status can be viewed as shown below.


4.0 Website UI

The link to enter the review will be sent to the customers in the mail. The customers can then enter their review and rating.


The review will then be posted on the product page after the approval of the admin and the prescribed incentive will be provided to the customer.


The review chart in the product page as shown in the below image allows the new customers to get an overview of the reviews of the product without actually reading each one of them. PrestaShop product review reminder and incentive module provides an insight to the store visitors of how many reviews were received and the overall rating of the same.

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