What does the “real-time” aspect of Google Penguin 4.0 means for your business?

Google Penguin being real time
It was in 2012 when Google First launched its Penguin update. A complete upside down was seen in its SERPs. We have seen some high ranking companies suffer a huge loss due to Penguin update. Was It really necessary? What was the cause that encouraged Google to hit these high ranking companies?
Well, Google did not have any personal grudge against these wiped out links. The whole campaign led by Google in Penguin update was to improve the quality of its SERPs with more relevant signals to be encouraged. It was a time when Google had to act in order to save those links/signals who were actually relevant. Most of the links and pages that were wiped out from Google’s SERPs were caught by the Penguin Update doing something that was degrading the relevancy and accuracy of results in its SERPs. Buying links, Keyword stuffing, Bad links, irrelevant backlinks etc. were some of the so-called malpractices that were affecting the relevancy of its SERPs.

What if your website was hit by Google Penguin?

Earlier, when your website was once hit by the Penguin update, it was the next Penguin update itself that could help you recover your ranking; the condition is, you manage to rectify your mistakes in the mean time. Penguin update is more like a decontamination of Google’s SERPs from the rouge links and results that were affecting the quality of it SERPs. Google has released four Penguin updates till now. You can have a look at my Post “Google Penguin 4.0 is live with real-time core algorithm” to know more about the dates of release of previous Penguin updates by Google.
As it’s trending now that “Penguin 4.0 update 2016 is live now as a real-time core algorithm”, It makes me wonder; What exactly the real time mean to you and your business?
According to the official blog post at Google Webmaster blog, they have made the Penguin as an integral part of the Google’s core algorithm. It means that no more Penguin updates from this point would come. There are certain implications that tease me with this new nature of Google Penguin.

If no more Penguin updates, then how would Google control the rogue signals?

One of the major implications of this notification from Google also signifies that Penguin would not be a seasonal hazard now. It would be more like a frequent “dacoit” that would rob your wealth if you don’t play by the rules. Being a part of the core algorithm also means that you would get penalized with an immediate effect if Google catches you violating its terms.
People are also calling it as ‘Webspam Update’. Penguin is a tool of Google using which it penalizes the websites that were being optimized in an unnatural way. Let’s say these websites had tons of bad links, irrespective of their relevance. Google used its ‘Penguin’ as a contract killer to wipe out these rogue links/signals and websites, and it really worked. Penguin would always terrify such rouge malpractices. It was so unconventional to present such a cute bird as a massive tool of decontamination; Just a personal comment.

Must look at these positive implications of Penguin being real time now-

  1. If Penguin is real time now, it means you would get penalized frequently if malpractices are caught by Google. But you will also get the fair chances to rectify your mistakes and regain the ranking without waiting for next Penguin update.
  2. If you are playing by the rules, you don’t have to fear the other rogue players as everyone would be now under a constant monitor.  This is just a personal expectation from this new update, let’s see what happens in the future.

As a crux of this Penguin 4.0 update, it is more like a regular housekeeping and a real-time system to nuke the offenders.

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