How can you best adapt with the new Google Penguin 4.0 update?

How can you best adapt with the new Google Penguin 4.0 update | KnowBand

It is still too early to reach certain conclusions for the ways to handle the new Google Penguin 4.0 update. But, considering the previous Google updates and the major tweak of Penguin being a part of Google’s core algorithm, experts suggest some ways that can be helpful. Some of my personal opinions are also shared in my previous researches:

While researching the impacts and better ways to adapt with the Penguin 4.0, I came across certain implications that stuck to mind. How would these new tweaks in the Google’s algorithm would affect the SEO in the real world?

Is it fairer to use such a massive tool is real time? “Or” Is penguin adequate enough to maintain a fair play when it comes to its efficiency is catching the actual Spammy link building?

These question led me to indulge myself in a research, where I reached to some conclusions based on different opinions:

Yes, I think real time would help to some active filters and expectations that would not have to wait for the next update to refresh the rogue link removal.

It is very clear that rogue links need to be removed and there is no second opinion for that. Waiting for the next update for this to happen is quite ineffective when it comes to the cunning black hat practitioners. Being a real time algorithm, Penguin would now be more effective in catching the off-rule players who somehow get spared in the seasonal updates.

It will improve the quality of SERPs plus the visibility of some really good contents could be ensured. Moreover, the new websites with some really good content should also have a fair chance to present their contents in greater visibility. At least when they are playing by the game rules.

Hopefully, with some more advancements in AI, the new core algorithm with Penguin 4.0 being an active member, would be now more intelligent to present a more understandable SERP. But this has to wait for the RankBrain AI system to learn as much as possible.

The major implications of Penguin 4.0 being actively refreshed would be now seen positively in the SEO world. Hopefully, the fair gameplay would now be encouraged more than ever, and a more positive war play could be seen in the coming days.

Penguin being real time also implies that the changes in the Google SERPs would now more frequent, and everyone will get a fair chance to rectify their mistakes if they get penalized somehow. The condition is they stick to the fair play rules. It is understandable that Penguin 4.0 is like a double edged sword which has both the implications – positive and negative. Positive for those who play by the rules of Penguin and other 200 signals used by Google, and the negative for those who are still stuck with the gray hat or black hat practices.

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