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Web Push Notifications: 5 Best Practices to Boost eCommerce Conversions

Web Push Notification is a widely adopted method used by eCommerce merchants to reach out to the prospects and drive more conversions. It creates a communication channel between the brand and the customers to deliver important or useful information to the latter. Through this article, we will try to understand the tactics behind using Web Push Notifications and how marketers are using this channel to boost eCommerce conversions.

What are Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications, also known as the Browser Notifications or Web Browser Push Notifications are messages that appear on a subscriber’s device even if he or she is not present at your website. Web Push Notification is a smart marketing strategy to engage with your audience(subscribers) and increase conversions without being an annoyance.

Browsers that currently support Web Push Notifications are Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. These notifications can be sent across mobiles and desktops.

How Do Web Push Notifications work?

For Website Push Notifications to work, your visitors/users need to subscribe to your notifications. When they land on your website, a popup appears asking users to allow/approve or deny receiving updates from your end, and only if they click on the latter, you would be able to send them notifications. Web Push Notifications do not require users to provide their email address.

Web Push Notifications- Best Practices to Increase Conversions

Having an eCommerce website? Here are the 5 best practices for marketers to increase conversions and scale-up their revenue using Browser Push Notifications.

1. Announcing a Limited-time Sale

Online shoppers do get a bit excited when they hear about a flash sale, especially from a store from where they shop regularly. You can use this to your advantage and announce a limited-time sale as soon as the sale goes live.

You can create urgency to purchase by mentioning how long will the sale last, in your notifications. It increases the open rate and maximizes the chances of conversion. You can also try adding the coupon code too in the same if there’s any.

2. Announcing New Arrivals

Another one in the best practices for web push notifications would be making your subscribed audience aware of your newly introduced products. Not only it provides free marketing but also generates curiosity in the online shoppers to check out what’s new in the store.

For example, if you deal with electronics or mobile gadgets, you can send web push notifications regarding the arrival of new smartphones on your store.

3. Let Customers know when a product is Back in Stock

Loyal customers wait patiently for the product to be available again in the store. And nothing gives them more happiness than seeing the product which was out of stock earlier, back in stock. Though there is a sense of excitement to see the “Buy Now” option, there is also the fear of missing out on the purchase. You never know when a product goes out of stock again.

Website push notifications make sure that your customers are not missing out on the product that they wished to buy, and they are informed as soon as it is back in stock. This pushes the customer to make a quick purchase, enhancing your conversion rate.

4. Recover Abandoned Carts

abandoned cart push

Adding to the list of best practices for web push notifications is sending out alerts to the abandoned cart users. Many times, a user just adds an item to the cart but does not buy. This leads to cart abandonment. Though there can be multiple reasons for cart abandonment, you can take a follow-up by asking the abandoned cart users to complete the purchase by sending out notifications regarding the pending items in the cart.

Abandoned Cart Web Push Notifications make a great way to recover the lost sales and increase conversions.

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5. Inform buyers when there is a price drop

Customers have an option to negotiate the product price in a brick-and-mortar store. Unfortunately, such an option is not available for an online store. This is why customers rejoice when they witness a price drop while shopping online. Through browser push notifications, you can let the prospects know as soon as the price drops below than what it was during their last visit.

These types of notifications are very effective to trigger impulse buying, encouraging customers to buy their desired product at a price lower than the original price. It leads to more conversions and creates higher sales.

The Bottom Line

Web Push Notifications create higher engagement and this is the reason why they are also known as engaging push notifications. They are effective and provide you with excellent opportunities to make the best use of it to increase conversions in your eCommerce website.

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Apart from this, you can create multiple web push notification templates of your own choice. You also get the option to send a notification immediately or at a fixed time.

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Hope you liked knowing about the “Web Push Notifications Best Practices to Increase Conversions” and got an idea of different types of web push notifications you can use for your website.

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