Trigger Impulse Buying with PrestaShop Exit Popup Addon

PrestaShop Exit Popup

“Grab customer attention and trigger impulse purchase when the user decides to leave your store, with PrestaShop Exit Popup addon.”

Popups are amazing as far as they are not hampering the user experience or disturbing the user flow. This is where Exit popups have been effective as they tend to appear only when a user shows the intent to take an exit from your website.

We, at KnowBand, understand the value of user experience in the eCommerce industry and also the merchants’ zeal to gain more conversions. This is what led us to develop an Exit popup that could maintain the user experience and allow merchants with an opportunity to get more conversions.

If you own an eCommerce website on the PrestaShop platform and looking for such addon, PrestaShop Exit Popup is exactly what you need.

PrestaShop Exit Popup addon

PrestaShop Exit Popup addon displays an interactive popup to your site visitors as soon as it detects the user’s intention to leave your website; by tracking the mouse movement. It helps you make one final attempt to stop the user from leaving your store by grabbing their attention through some exclusive offers.

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Note: PrestaShop Exit-Intent Popup can also be used as an Entry Popup.

Why you should have the PrestaShop Exit-Intent Popup?

PrestaShop Exit Popup is a feature-packed addon that provides PrestaShop merchants with some effective tactics to draw customer attention towards your store offers and persuade them to make a purchase.

Let’s have a look at the features of the PrestaShop Exit Intent Popup.

1. Make perfect adjustments for the Popup appearance

PrestaShop Exit Popup lets you perform plenty of customizations to deliver the popup effectively to your visitors and customers.

PrestaShop Exit Popup features

Specify when you want to display the popup

The addon provides you with 3 options to set the time for the popup appearance. You can choose to display the popup

– as soon as the visitor enters your store

– after a user has spent certain time on your store (you can mention the time after which you want to display the popup)

– the user has scrolled down to a certain limit (you can mention the scroll percentage)

– after the user has visited a few pages on your website(you can mention the minimum number of page visits to show the popup)

Specify the pages on which you want to display the popup

You can choose to display the popup either on all pages or show/hide it for some selected pages.

Choose who you want to display the exit popup

Admin has the choice to show the popup to all visitors, new visitors or returning visitors.

Set a display frequency of the popup

Merchants can set the popup display frequency for every visit, one visit per hour, one visit per day, one visit per week or one visit per month.

Restrict popup appearance for users of some specific regions

You can choose to display the popup either to worldwide visitors or disable it for users of some specific countries.

Select a minimum screen size for the popup display

Admin can define a minimum screen resolution below which the popup will not be displayed to the user.

Hide popup automatically after a certain time

PrestaShop Exit Popup addon provides you with the option to make the popup disappear automatically after a few seconds.

2. Personalize the look and feel of the Popup

PrestaShop Exit-Intent popup comes up with pre-existing themes to design your popup. You can give it an attractive CTA, adjust the look with various colour customization options, etc.

3. Customize your offers

Select what you want to offer through the exit pop-up to your visitors- whether a free delivery, a gift, or some discount on the purchase.

4. Mailchimp, Klaviyo and SendinBlue Integrator

Every time a user provides his/her data while collecting the offer, their data would be sent directly over to your Mailchimp, Klaviyo and SendinBlue account, whichever you are using for the Email marketing purpose.

5. Customize your Emails

You can personalize the email content that would be sent to the users as soon as they provide their email address in the popup.

6. Graphical and Pie chart analysis

PrestaShop Exit Popup module shows the graphical comparison of the total generated coupons and used and unused coupons.

You can track where your users are coming from, which device they are using whether it is a mobile or desktop, etc.

7. Compatibility and Support

PrestaShop Exit-Intent Popup is GDPR compatible, multi-store compatible and Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Responsive.

PrestaShop Email subscription Popup addon provides many other features like setting up the coupon expiry duration, email verification during checkout to confirm whether the coupon code is used by the same user who generated it at first place or not, etc.

Benefits of PrestaShop Exit Intent Popup:

1. Trigger impulse buying at the last moment

2. Obtain customer data efficiently for your email marketing campaigns

3. Boost your conversions

4. Encourage purchases through exclusive offers and discounts

5. Increase your average site time

The Bottom Line

Conventional popups are not effective anymore. They have become an annoyance for the users and if prompted repeatedly, can compel them to never visit your store again. With PrestaShop Exit Popup, you get one of the best ways to grow your subscribers list and increase your eCommerce conversions.

If you have any concern regarding this module, you can reach out to us at and our team would be happy to assist you with your queries.

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