7 Major Benefits of using Web Push Notifications in eCommerce

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Web Push Notifications is a powerful and effective marketing tool adopted by online businesses to reach out to and interact with their audience, keep them updated about any important information, announcing sales and offers, and eventually driving more eCommerce conversions.

Email Marketing has lost its charm. SMS Marketing is almost dead. Push Notification has now taken over. If you use online shopping apps, you would be very well aware of how they try to interact with you through push notifications.

As per AdWeek, push notifications capture almost double “open and click-through rates” as compared to email. The trend of App Push Notifications is now being followed by Web Push Notifications.

What exactly are Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications or Browser Push Notifications, also known as website push notifications, are messages or notifications that are delivered to the subscriber’s device in real-time. The notifications are sent even if the subscriber is not present at your website.

This is an entirely permission-based engagement where you initially ask your visitors whether they would like to receive notifications from your website/brand or not. Only after the visitor approves, he or she turns into your subscriber and you are ready to send them notifications and make them a part of your eCommerce journey.

How Web Push Notifications are different from App Push Notifications?

Website Push Notifications work very similar to Mobile App push notifications with an only difference that app push notifications work only for mobile devices (mobile apps) and tablets while web push notifications function on all devices including desktop.

Why Web Push Notifications are Important?

Web Push Notifications, if put in use wisely, can add immense value to your eCommerce business. In this article, we will discuss the 7 major benefits of using Web Push Notifications and understand why they are an important marketing aspect.

1. High Opt-in Rate

Unlike Pop-ups that demand users email address to send them newsletters or promotional offers, browser push notifications avoid asking for any customer-related information. All it requires is one single click to begin the process. And this is the reason why they have higher opt-in rate than emails.

In fact, the opt-out rate as well in browser push notifications is very minimal.

It also makes it easy for those visitors who hesitate to share their personal details online. This is often seen with new/first time visitors.

2. Real-time Quick Delivery

Web Push Notifications create instant communication with your subscribed audience. Any message or update gets delivered to the subscribers as soon as the information is initiated to be sent from the back-end. This gives you a high real-time reach.

So when you are planning to announce a flash sale, website push notifications can prove to be beneficial in that case.

3. Higher Engagement

Unlike Email or SMS where the URL to redirect the user to the desired location is mentioned inside the content, Web Push Notifications requires just one tap to take the user to the specified URL.

If you can entice your audience with your notification headline, you would surely receive higher engagement. Create triggering notifications that grab user attention and avoid using any click-bait headline.

4. Increase your Website traffic

One of the major benefits of Web Push Notifications is that it gives you a traffic boost. It works best if the message contains something worth the user attention. If it is tempting, you will witness a significant rise in website traffic. If you are running a limited-time sale, Browser Push Notifications can bring high real-time traffic.

5. Turn Visitors into Subscribers and Subscribers into Customers

Web Push Notifications prove to be one of the best ways to bring your subscribers into your store and encourage them to shop. It is the quickest way to grab user attention, unlike emails which sometimes can be skipped or left unopened.

It can be said that visitors who opt to receive notifications like you as a brand. They are impressed with your products or services and this is why they do not want to miss any future update from your end. These prospects will show more potential to purchase as compared to the other users.

6. Increase Conversions

You can ask users to subscribe to specific product-related notifications and notify them later if there is any update. For example, if the product that the user is looking for is out of stock or if they feel the product price is too high, you can ask them to subscribe for the alerts when the product is available again or when the price drops down, respectively.

The subscribers will be notified as soon as the changes reflect in the website regarding the product. Notification related to the fall in the product price or the product back-in-stock creates higher chances of conversion.

So basically you can retarget the users and persuade them to purchase the product which they desired earlier.

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7. You don’t need a Mobile App

With web push notifications, you do not need a mobile app to reach out to your subscribers. Moreover, building a mobile app can cost you huge bucks so this cuts down your cost to have a mobile app and provides you with a similar way to communicate with your audience like App push notifications.

The Bottom Line

Web Browser Push Notification is undoubtedly an effective marketing communication channel and what sets this apart from other marketing methods is that it is not restricted to marketing and promotional purpose only. It can be used to deliver useful information, abandoned cart alerts, order status updates, product back-in-stock alerts, etc.

Looking for a module that provides you with all these features? Check out our Web Push Notification module, which is available for PrestaShop, Magento and Magento 2.

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Not only it will provide you with certain types of browser push notifications, but you would be able to customize the notifications as per your choice.

For website push notifications to deliver fruitful results, you need to optimize them so that they are able to bring the desired results. Do not send anything that users feel likely to skip. Too many notifications can lessen the impact. It should be something valuable.

Use tempting headlines (not click-bait), be up to the point, use short texts, and be very specific about the delivery time. You would not want the notifications to deliver at an inappropriate time, right? You would be having subscribers all around the world, and sending notifications to all at a similar time would not do anything good.

Leverage the power of Web Push Notifications and boost your brand visibility in the eCommerce space. It would be even better if you personalize the content. Adding a personal touch to the message gives a special feeling to the users.

Hope you enjoyed reading the benefits of using Web Push Notifications in eCommerce.

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    One of the major benefits of Web Push Notifications is that it gives a traffic boost. It works best if the message contains something worth the user’s attention.

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