Tips To Customize PrestaShop Website For Good Friday & Easter Sale

In most of the holiday seasons, e-shoppers are very active & excited when it comes to online shopping. Irrespective of the religion, online shopping is something every netizen engages in. The upcoming festival is Easter & Good Friday, & we have already started to see some eCommerce websites giving teasers of their holiday season based sale. For all eCommerce website owners, here are some of the PrestaShop website customization that should be tried out for sale boosting strategies in the e-store.

This article is helpful for eCommerce businesses with their website built on PrestaShop. With PrestaShop, it becomes very convenient for e-store admins to customize their website in-line with the theme of Easter / Good-Friday. Some of those useful customizations are mentioned below:

1. PrestaShop Hooks for Easter & Good Friday:

Hooks in PrestaShop are images that can be used just for display or as a hyperlink too. Hooks are something that is primarily utilized to highlight anything. To highlight the offers, new arrivals, Easter goodies, etc. use various hooks on your home-page, footer, sidebar, etc. & keep the user informed.

a) Action Hooks:

These sorts of hooks allow the images to have hyperlinks. So, these hooks are clickable & hence can be used to redirect the site visitor to a relevant page. Use easter images & redirect the user to a specific product/ category page. These kinds of hooks also act like a CTA ( Call to Action ) & must be placed strategically to get better click-through-rate & hence conversions.

b) Display Hooks:

Just as its name suggests, display hooks are merely just plain images. These hooks don’t allow adding of hyperlinks & are simply to display only. For your Easter sale, use the images with some informative & catchy text to let your users know about various ways they would benefit from your Easter Sale. Show your coupon codes, promotional offers & more on these display hooks.

Apart from creating these hooks, a good amount of attention must be given to their placement as well. Some common areas where hooks can be placed are:
a) Multiple areas on the homepage.
c) Left/ Right widget areas.
d) Footer.

2. Top Side Banner Customizations:

PrestaShop has the top banner configured by default which e-store admins can simply enable & disable. You must be having any special discounts or easter coupon codes for sale. Display them to the users on this top banner. This thin banner, on the extreme top of the page, is easily visible to your site visitors.

3. Notify Your Customers:

Using web notifications, push notifications & emails, let your customers know the reasons why they shouldn’t miss out on the Easter / Good Friday Sale. Lure them with promotional offers & referral programs. From the backend of your PrestaShop site, you can create & send these notifications to your existing customers. If you own a PrestaShop Mobile App as well, send in-app Push Notifications to your Mobile App users.

Wondering how to build a PrestaShop App from your website? Try the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module to launch an eCommerce Mobile App.

4. Offer Limited-Time Discounts As Well:

Keep your easter special discounts & coupons valid only for a limited time duration & keep your site visitors aware of that. This is one of the instances why sales during such festivals go high. You can also design a time-based countdown banner. Seeing the countdown timer running, more e-shoppers are likely to engage with it & the offers mentioned on it.

5. Gamify Some Easter Based CTAs:

Rather than using simple CTA (Call To Action) elements on your page, use a few gamified versions of them. Such as the ‘Spin & Win Discount Wheel’ or an interactive Easter Bunny kind of lottery quiz.

You can also add a PrestaShop Scratch card to your eCommerce store to increase customer engagement. Since Easter is celebrated for the resurrection of Jesus, why not design the scratch card with an Easter theme that attracts visitors.

Another way to show your warmth on the day of Easter is by offering reward points or loyalty points to your PreatShop customer. Customers will relish the opportunity and with the right eligibility rules, this also increases the average cart value and accelerates your business.

Wrap Up

There were some of the PrestaShop Customization tips that, I hope, can help you in preparing your PrestaShop website for the upcoming sale season. With PrestaShop being an open-source module, you can make many more customizations by simply utilizing various of its backend features & 3rd party modules, or even custom-designed codes. Now it’s up to you to make the best out of this festival & to serve your customers in delightful ways this Easter.

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Vishakha Nathani

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