Common Problems Every eCommerce Business Faces

Common Problems Every E-commerce Business Faces

Every online business faces up and down before on the success journey. Thus, since day one, it becomes quite a task for eCommerce shop admins to secure a place in the market. Moreover, due to the high competition rate and a huge number of merchants. Some common problems come with the journey while starting an eCommerce business.

In the following article, we have tried to narrow down some common problems along with the solutions to help our eCommerce merchant community. But before starting with the same, let’s talk about the reasons that cause these problems.

Reasons that Impact the Growth of an eCommerce


If we talk about the reasons that become obstacles in the way of online businesses, there are a lot. Either a business can face dizzy growth because of SEO, website experience, or anything else. But the major cause that prevents customers from ordering from your eCommerce shop is market competition.

Nowadays, almost every offline business is taking its online start. For the same reason, now customers have a wide variety of online websites to choose products from.

Additionally, you risk having your eCommerce firm get caught up in the rat race for the same reason. Thus, let’s start with some of the common problems and solutions that can help your business to stand out from the market competition and grow.


Less Customer Traffic:

One of the primary issues that prevent sales is having fewer visitors than you had expected to your internet business. Now there can be various reasons behind the same. Either you don’t have a good search engine ranking or you don’t use enough platforms to advertise your company.

Thus, for getting more customers on the website, you can boost the SEO of your eCommerce store. Along with the same, if you are looking for another worthy organic way, you can also take advantage of social media marketing.

Moreover, if you are willing to spend some dollars, you can also use paid marketing.

Furthermore, if you are a PrestaShop online seller, the Affiliate and Referral Addon by Knowband is one of the best ways to get more customers with the help of existing ones.

Visitors are not Converted into Customers:

The second problem that almost every online business faces are that the visitors come to the website but do not proceed to order. It might happen because either your eCommerce website is not able to impress the visitors or you are having a lengthy process.

Thus, for defending the following cause, you can enhance your PrestaShop or eCommerce store’s website experience with Knowband Plugins. For example, you can show a gamified Spin and Win pop-up to your store visitors on the home page.

spin and win review

Moreover, you can surprisingly enhance the checkout experience on your PrestaShop store by providing all the checkout essentials on a single page.

Thus, it is a must to offer a relevant and rich website experience to visitors. 

Abandoned Carts:

When a customer adds something to the cart and leaves the website before confirming the order, the term is called cart abandonment. Moreover, cart abandonment is one of the reasons that reduce sales drastically.

Customers must be given follow-up reminders in order to solve the following issue. At Knowband, we offer Abandoned Cart Reminder Plugin for the OpenCart and PrestaShop eCommerce platforms.


Apart from it, if you have already launched your Android and iOS Mobile Apps, you can also take aid from the push notifications to engage your customers.

Low RCR (Returned Customer Rate):

Sometimes, customers order from a website for the first time and do not proceed with more orders. This is one of the problems that impact sales drastically. Thus, turning single-time customers into regular ones is as important as getting new customers.

For the same eCommerce merchants use various tactics to attract existing customers. Moreover, other major players like Amazon and Flipkart offer loyalty points to customers based on their purchases. Loyalty points not only attract customers to purchase again but also motivate them to check the website regularly for exciting offers.

Thus, if you are OpenCart, PrestaShop, or Magento 2 store admin, you can also have a look at the Loyalty Points Extension offered by Knowband.

In the End,

Although starting an online business is a bit hard nut to crack but only if you are not planning effectively. Moreover, with the help of sounding strategies and work one can easily manage to list his eCommerce business in the market. Thus, in the following article, we have tried to cover some of the common problems along with the solutions.

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