Knowband: A Leading Ecommerce Service Provider

Knowband: A Leading Ecommerce Service Provider

Knowband is well known as a provider of eCommerce solutions and as a business that develops modules for eCommerce platforms. The business is famous for offering top-tier development services and effective post-sales support.

Knowband has a registered company name, Velocity Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. In the face of competition from nations like China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and others. Afterward, the company had a growth streak, which marks our presence in the market.

We take pride in offering the top plugins for Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and others. As a Prestashop partner, Knowband has established itself in the eCommerce industry. Also, we create mobile eCommerce applications, online store extensions, and marketplace extensions.

The thing that sets Knowband apart from the competition is our dedication to “Customer Delight”. Moreover, the company offers a variety of services, including eCommerce modules and custom development. Further, pre-and post-sales support provided is also remarkable. Also, we can deliver more than the customer’s expectations, and their satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Customized Modifications


You may count on us to meet your needs for custom development. We provide custom development based on the business needs of our customers.

Developers with more than 10 years of expertise make up our team at Knowband. Additionally, with the help of our specialized services, you can construct a website and customize a module to suit your requirements. Moreover, we are here to create something based on the unique requirements of your company.

For online stores, our Prestashop Plugin Development services offer the expertise needed. You may rely on us to create plugins that are distinctive and cleverly designed functionality.

Project Manager with Utmost Dedication

From start to finish, one of our experts will be responsible for the development. Additionally, they’ll make sure you obtain the functionalities you need on time.

Free Support Period

For the first month following the completion of your bespoke development, we offer free support. Moreover, this is to make sure everything is operating as you had hoped. We will resolve your issues and concerns related to the custom changes within this period. Additionally, we will also discuss the issues in a meeting with you when required.

Modifications to the Module

Any feature which is not the default functionality of the module and whose implementation is in demand is a custom change. Further, if the client requires any additional feature in the module, then it is a custom change. Also, if there are any issues in our module due to third-party modules and our assistance is needed to fix them, then it is also done as a custom change.

If there is any demand for the addition of new features to the module, based on customers’ needs, then we treat it as a custom change. Further ahead, we analyze our effort and provide the new development charges to the customers. If the customer is unable to adequately describe the changes, we will meet with them via Skype or in a meeting to discuss the matter. Moreover, always prioritize the customer’s demand and see it through to its completion.

We never back down from the work that comes to us. Furthermore, our professionals will see through the changes until their implementation. We provide support for these changes for one month to know if the changes delivered are running as per the customer’s requirements or not. Additionally, if there are issues and the issues need detailed discussion, we will connect in a meeting. In meeting with our customers we analyze and then resolve the issues.

Module Purchase

Knowband Module Purchase

We offer different modules on various platforms. Secondly, the modules offered on our website are easy to use and support the maximum number of platforms. We are present here to provide answers to the queries of the customers before the module purchase.

After purchasing the module, we help with the installation and configuration of the module on the customer’s end. Our team of experts will assist you with the post-sales service. We assist with the module issues if any issues occur 3 months after the module purchase. We provide support with the module issues and will resolve them at your end. If the issues are not resolved, we connect with the customers on Skype, WhatsApp, or in a meeting. Our end goal is customer satisfaction, which we have never failed to attain.

Support Services


In the case of quick support, there is an option on the website for a chat in the lower right corner. By using the chat option, customers can connect with us and can get their non-technical issues resolved. This feature is useful to guide our customers through the various issues and concerns the quickest.

Although support for the module issue is generally provided on our ticket interface. The customer can reach out to our technical team from this interface. To reach out for module support, it is very important to generate the tickets. The customer can simply send an email to generate tickets, or else they can generate tickets from their account section. On tickets, we reply to all the queries and issues of the customer the quickest.

Our Best-Sellers


We offer the top plugins for systems like Magento 2, Prestashop, OpenCart, and WooCommerce. The plugins for these platforms are available on our website. We provide plugins keeping in mind that they enhance the customer’s experience on the website.

The checkout process becomes easy and fast with the help of our one-page checkout plugin. If the checkout process is fast and easy, then it will reduce the cart abandonment rate on the website. Everyone wants the checkout to be straightforward and quick.

Cart abandonment in online stores is one of the major issues which sellers are facing. The abandoned cart module helps follow up with the customers and bring them back to complete their purchases. With this module, we can send various emails with or without discounts to customers.

“Back in Stock” is a great module that helps in restoring lost sales. Further, it notifies the customers when the products they want are back in stock. This enhances sales and helps with customer retention in the store.

The Loyalty Points module can award points to customers when they make purchases in your store. The module allows you to set up some conditions according to which the customers receive award points. These rules are set up easily from the admin panel.

Using Google Shopping, selling products on the major marketplace gets easy. Including Google Shopping in your sales channel can increase your customer base and expand your reach. As per the reports, almost 70% of total orders start from a Google Search, so it always sounds good to be visible at the top of the Google Search list.

Some of Our Top Modules, which are having a top rating by our customers are below:

Furthermore, assisting our customers to achieve what they desire, depending on their business goals, is our aim. Also at Knowband, we help with the eCommerce plugins and also assist with custom changes. If you have any ideas in mind, we will help you bring them to reality. You can contact us at regarding any kind of help or concerns.

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