OpenCart Product Customization Extension

OpenCart Product Customization Extension

OpenCart Product Customization module also referred to as OpenCart Product Customizer and OpenCart Product Designer lets you add customization services on your website for your store products.

Today, the demand for customized products has increased exponentially. Many people are looking to purchase products that can be personalized and designed as per their choice. While some businesses are running it offline, some have taken it on the online platform and have set up the whole business on product customization.

If you have a website set up on the OpenCart platform and looking to provide online product customization services to your store visitors/customers, OpenCart Product Customization Extension is all you need.

Once installed, the OpenCart custom product designer extension will add a customization panel on your product pages and will offer free-hands to your customers to make the desired changes.

OpenCart Product Customization


Adds Customize tab on your product pages

Lets your customers add desired colour, image, texts, QR code, etc. on the product

Set up different fonts, colours and templates from the back end.

Set up customization price



Boost your sales

Enhance the online experience of customers

Improve customer retention

Easy to set up customization service

Features of OpenCart Product Customization extension [Detailed]-

1. Enable/Disable the entire module functionality in a single click.

2. Specify how many sides of the product you want to make available for customization. This is mostly in the cases of t-shirt customization where a user can make the desired changes on the front as well as the back. This is why it is also called as OpenCart t-shirt designer module.

OpenCart Product Customization configurations

3. You can add as many fonts as you want from the backend to provide customers with text customization facility. You can also disable any font anytime.

OpenCart custom product designer

4. Through OpenCart print-on-demand extension, you can add multiple colours from the back end to help customers choose the desired colour from a number of colour variants.

5. OpenCart Product customization module also comes with pre-existing templates which an admin can edit or delete as per his choice.

For advanced settings, head over to Catalog and then Products. Select a product, click on edit and then Product Designer.

OpenCart Product Customization module

From there,

6. You can specify the maximum image upload size.

7. You can specify the image upload price.

8. Provide customers with the option to download the customized product image in the PNG format.

9. Allow text resizing and text rotation for customized texts with OpenCart custom product designer. You can also specify the minimum and maximum text length.

10. Display/hide the QR code option from the customization panel.

11. Specify the filters that would be available for use during customization.

Product customizer for website

12. Set up a fixed price for text customization. You can also charge customers per character.

13. Similarly, you can set up a QR code price and also specify a fixed price for complete customization with the help of OpenCart custom product builder.

If you need any assistance in the OpenCart Product Customization extension, you can submit your query at

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