What Preparations Does an Ecommerce Store Need for the Black Friday Sale?

What Preparations Does an Ecommerce Store Need for the Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday shopping starts after the Friday that comes after Thanksgiving. It marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and is the best time for eCommerce businesses to earn profits. The Black Friday sale brings an opportunity for online businesses to have massive sales and increase their customer base. The introduction of deals for the Black Friday sale occurs before the arrival of the day of Thanksgiving and the days followed by it.

There is no surety about the sales statistics for the Black Friday sale. However, one thing is certain: customers are increasingly going online to find the best Black Friday deals. Some statistics of the Black Friday sale are below:

Statistics of Black Friday

  • 88 million Americans made online purchases on Black Friday in 2021.
  • In-store traffic has grown by almost 19% over the past year.
  • An $8.9 billion record was set for Black Friday shopping online.
  • Black Friday deals featured 24% on average in discounts.
  • 2021 saw a rise in average order values of 9%.
  • Mobile phone usage is nearly 43% in Black Friday shopping.
  • The largest spenders were young people.
  • In Black Friday sales in 2021, about 29% of women planned to shop.
  • For all the best Black Friday deals online, Amazon was responsible for 17.7%.
  • During the shopping event, an adult typically spends $430.

Tips to Get Your Ecommerce Store Ready for the Black Friday Sale

 Tips to Get Your Ecommerce Store Ready for the Black Friday Sale

Offering Multiple Payment Methods

To have a wider customer group pay, the online store should offer multiple payment methods. The payment should be easy and streamlined during Black Friday shopping for customers. Moreover, the checkout page needs to be precise and should have fewer important information fields. Also, customers leave the checkout page sometimes if the checkout process is long and drawn out. Customers also leave the website if they are not able to pay using their preferred payment methods.

Our Suggestion:

Use Knowband’s one-page checkout as it supports the maximum number of payment methods. Additionally, it streamlines the payment, and Black Friday shopping will go smoothly if a customer uses this module in your checkout funnel. Also, using this single-step checkout module, the checkout process becomes fast. Using default checkout, the customer takes more than two minutes to checkout after payment. Although using the quick checkout plugin during the Black Friday sale, it takes less than a minute to checkout.


Customers’ Delivery Expectations Fulfillment

For the customers, it is very important if they are getting the delivery at the time they want it to be. During Black Friday shopping, it is obvious that large customer groups will emerge with different delivery needs. Also, if you fulfill the demand of the customers, then your online business can retain those customers permanently. The customer wants to purchase the product as soon as it becomes available during the Black Friday sale.

Our Suggestion:

Knowband’s Preferred Delivery Time module can add up to the Black Friday best deals online in your store. Using the time slot delivery module, the customer will be able to set the delivery date and time on the checkout page. The start and end of the delivery time are set using this module. The plugin enhances the chances of increasing sales during Black Friday shopping as it enhances the customer shopping experience. The order delivery date and time extension are useful because they allow for the customization of the preferred delivery email.

Including Mobile Apps for the Best Black Friday Deals

With the expansion of eCommerce businesses globally, mobile apps have become necessary during high sales times. During Black Friday sales, it is more convenient for customers to shop online using their mobile devices. In last year’s Black Friday shopping, approximately 70% of the total online shopping took place through mobile devices.

Our Suggestion:

This Knowband mobile app builder is an excellent choice for expanding your business’s customer base during the Black Friday sale. The website that the customer has should be mobile responsive, and this should be the first step to bringing your business to apps. Customers prefer mobile apps because they are easily accessible and the offers and features on them enhance the customer experience. Moreover, the navigation and interface are much better than on a website for mobile apps. The best online Black Friday deals are easier through mobile apps. The ratio of purchases from websites and apps indicates that Knowband mobile app builders can bring profits to businesses.

Reviews boost the Black Friday Sale profit


The customers go to the review section before purchasing the product. The Black Friday shopping spree brings huge customer traffic to the website. Although their conversion is not assured unless customers are happy with the product. The Black Friday deals introduction happens on the website, but if there needs to be a review for the products, If satisfied customers leave reviews, then it will have a positive impact on the sale of the product. If the customer is happy with the Black Friday deals and products and then mentions them in reviews, the sale will surely rise.

Our Suggestion:

Use our product review reminder and incentives module to entice customers to give you incentives. The Black Friday sale profits will reach sky-high if our review reminder module usage is efficient. The customer receives incentives for their reviews, which will in turn help in Black Friday’s best deals online promotion. The admin can monitor reviews received and send reminders to the customers using this review and rating manager.

In The End

At Knowband, we assist our customers to achieve their goals. We assist with eCommerce plugins. Our modules are very helpful during high times like the Black Friday sale. Kindly reach out to us at support@knowband.com for assistance regarding our modules. We also provide custom development depending on your business needs. Kindly let us know if you have any concerns or issues regarding the same.

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