DHL Issue: The destination location is invalid. Please check the data

DHL Issue: The destination location is invalid. Please check the data

The logistics sector’s global leader is DHL. Specializing in transportation, courier services, and international shipping.

While booking shipment on DHL using API (In our case, the delivery country was “Ireland”), we got an error in response to the capability request. The error was “The destination location is invalid. Please check the data“.


For this issue, we raised a ticket on DHL, and in response, they replied as below:

DHL Issue: The destination location is invalid. Please check the data

When requesting capabilities, it is important to provide complete and quality address data. It is necessary to determine accurate routing information and capabilities for the origin and destination. The following might be the reason for the error:

  1. It might be possible that there are more than one city with the same name in different suburbs. So to get a successful response, we need to add suburbs in destination address specially, for deliver country “Ireland”.
  2. For the destination countries, which do not have any zip codes, city name must be spelled accurately. For example, there is no city called NORTH ROAD in IE, the actual city is called M50 NORTH ROAD.

From this response, we were not clear about the validation of address means how do we know that the address is correct or not or the city name is correct or not. For example, if we are sending the city name as “Co. Dublin” in the create shipment request, we get an error of Invalid Location. So we have raised a ticket again to know how we can validate address and in response, DHL suggested a tool named DHL Capability Tool ( Just enter the sender and destination address in the form and click on search button as shown in the screen shot below:

Address Form

This tool will give the result if the address is valid or not. So if you are getting any error regarding location, you can validate address using this capability tool.

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