Tajikistan’s Pharmacy App developed using KnowBand’s PrestaShop Mobile App Builder completed 1000+ installs


There’s no doubting that smartphone apps have revolutionized our lives. There is an app for everything, whether you need to travel, buy groceries, order food, chat, or do a banking transaction.

Entrepreneurs are seeking for new markets to penetrate and strategies to engage clients to normalize their situations. E-commerce app development is one of these possibilities. When done correctly, a mobile app can help you increase your e-commerce presence for years to come.

Tajikistan’s first online pharmacy app has exceeded 1000+ downloads on Google Play Store. The app is developed using Knowband’s PrestaShop Mobile App Builder module which is multilingual and is available in Russian and English.

In this blog, we will be explaining its features and also help you with how you can manage your local on-time deliveries? And how to make a website for clinical appointment bookings?

The PrestaShop Mobile App- Apteka24

The Apteka 24 is a pharmacy app that allows users to order medicines in Tajikistan. For a fully functional app, it is required to have an engaging UI and KnowBand’s Mobile App Builder gives that personalized shopping experience to every app user.

Having a mobile app is beneficial over a website as it allows users to access things from their fingertips. It’s speed and ease of browsing, as well as a well-thought-out design that seems natural and seamless.


Notifications can be very effective in terms of remarketing if done correctly. The app allows the store owner to send endless notifications to ensure they will keep coming back to your store.

A customer can reorder the medicines with a button click. Voice search, chatbots, push notifications, advanced support, and marketing analytics are all available.

Customers can save lists of things they’d like to have in wishlist. The product page and landing page allow buying things based on images.

The accessibility and convenience of mobile payments are a bonus. These are the basic features of the app and every mobile app created using PrestaShop Mobile App Builder can be customized for its look and theme by incorporating your brand logo and other marketing elements.

How to make a mobile app for your dental medicine website?

To create a mobile app just like Apteka 24, you only need KnowBand’s PrestaShop Mobile App Builder plugin.

It is completely customizable like you can add banners, change theme colors, add colorful buttons, provide live chat support, etc.

It lets you bring your website to the hands of every mobile phone user. With a button click, anyone can get their medicines or products at their doorstep.

This module is available for many other popular eCommerce open-source platforms. Also, you can launch it for both Android and iOS operating systems.

You have to make a one-time payment and our expert team will provide post-purchase 3-month support.

How to add an appointment booking feature to your pharmacy website?

Doctors who consult patients in their clinic find it difficult to manage their demanding schedules. This is where Knowband’s Appointment Booking System module comes in handy.


The Appointment Booking System module allows you to list your clinic on your website and let consumers (patients) book an appointment. In addition, the module provides a number of configuration options for you to customize your bookings to your liking.

What are the features of the Appointment Booking System Module?

  1. Easily add your business/clinic (You can add multiple clinics as well)
  2. Specify if the service is a clinic visit or a home visit
  3. Determine an Upfront Booking Fee
  4. Allow the patient to select the desired day and time
  5. Indicate any day that is not available for booking
  6. Keep the minimum number of reservations for each day
  7. Include your company’s location, contact information, and images
  8. Keep an eye on your appointments and track them

The Appointment booking system makes your job easier while providing your consumers with a hassle-free booking experience.

To make it more convenient, you can also use the booking and rental mobile app.

Here is an in-depth blog on the Appointment booking system, especially for the clinics.

Best way to manage doorstep medicine deliveries

To manage the doorstep deliveries and to assign orders to the delivery boy, you can use a delivery boy mobile app. This app helps you in creating a delivery boy profile, tracking the order status, sending notifications to the delivery boy, and facilitates many other tasks.

It also shows the location info of the customer where the order is to be delivered. Check out the live demo of the Delivery boy and read this blog which includes some real-life examples of eCommerce merchants who are using Knowband’s Delivery Boy Mobile App.

Visit the KnowBand store to find the desired plugins for your eCommerce store or you can write to us at support@knowband.com for any custom eCommerce development assistance.

Download Free PrestaShop Mobile App Builder for Demo and upgrade it with a paid version to launch it on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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