The Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator by Knowband

Prestashop Google Shopping extension by knowband

As an e-merchant, your basic aim is to attract shoppers and sell your products to them keeping the cost. You might have already integrated your business into the various online marketplaces and started to see the difference in your revenues.

Then came Google Shopping.

Before understanding how to sell on Google, you should understand what Google Shopping is, and then you can decide whether you want to be a part of the online marketplace or not.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a shopping search engine that faithfully provides you options that you input in the search box by Google. Highly useful for the shoppers as they can effortlessly compare the products offered by multiple vendors across the globe.

Moreover, you would also find image results of the products you searched for from the various websites selling the same.

You can find the Shopping tab next to Images below the search bar or you can even go to to find the products. Once you click on any of the products that are in front of you, you’d go straight to the vendor whose product it was.

How to sell on Google Shopping?

The very first step to start selling Google Shopping, you should sign up for Google’s Merchant Center. Once you sign up here, you’d be able to manage your product listings as well as upload your products manually to be specific about what to sell.

To confirm yourself as a seller, you’ll have to enter a few details including the URL of your website store name and where your business is based. After completion, Google will ask you to upload a file to your server to verify site ownership. Now, you can log into the Google Merchant Center.

After logging in, you may edit your listings, change your shipping information, and do anything else necessary to begin selling. The Merchant Center’s listings are categorized as “Feeds.” A store may have many feeds, such as one for normal items, one for seasonal products, another for things offered in foreign countries, and so on.

To add a feed:

  1. Click on Products
  2. Click on Feeds
  3. Register a new feed
  4. Name your feed and select the country

Enter product data

To sell products effectively, you should be spending some quality time entering product information into the Google system. Follow the guidelines provided by the search engine if you want to have better results. For example, fashion apparel would require you to input the sizes, color, fabric, and more whereas; the same does not apply to electronic items or home decor. A tedious task for sure, but it gives weight to your products.

Incorporate high-quality photos

When Google talks about using good-quality images on its websites, why would it not apply the same to its shopping store? Make sure that the product descriptions and the image correlate with each other. When you want the visitors to get attracted to the product, you have to invest in getting good quality images up on Google Shopping.

Divert the traffic

What makes an eCommerce business successful? When a customer can locate the product and buy it from your store. When you sell on Google Shopping, the opportunities for your sale increase. Google Shopping uses your product data, images, and AdWords campaigns to bring more traffic to your online store as well as generate higher revenues.

Now, you can also install and configure the Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator by Knowband to successfully sell on the platform. Further, the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration helps merchants in numerous ways. In fact, the plugin eases the whole setup and selling procedure. Following are the stunning features of the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon. Furthermore, we will also see the benefits that the merchants have from using the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Module.

Features of the Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator

Prestashop Google shopping by knowband

  • The Prestashop module connects your Prestashop store to the Google Merchant Center. In fact, the process completes in no time and is painless too. Moreover, you don’t even need any coding or special knowledge for the same.
  • Admins can choose from a variety of languages when using Prestashop Google Shopping Connector. Moreover, the Prestashop plugin supports multiple stores.
  • In case the admin wants to rectify and adjust the picture size of the products on the platform he can do it. Further, he can easily do that from the backend of the Prestashop Google Shopping Feed Integration.
  • The Prestashop Google Shopping API Integration allows administrators to exclude certain goods from Google Shopping listings.
  • Out-of-stock items, products with a lower price than the defined price, and products without the set EAN13/JAN or UPC numbers can all be excluded by the administrator.
  • Prestashop Google Shopping API Integration allows you to create many profiles. Google Merchant Center classifications and characteristics are linkable to store classifications and features.
  • The mass upload of items to Google Merchant Center is possible via category and attribute mapping.
  • The store administrator can set up a feed management plan. Further, depending on which goods from the store are automatically published to Google Shopping.
  • The Google Shopping product is viewable by the administrator. In fact, the admin can edit, delete or renew the listed products.
  • The store’s products immediately synchronize with Knowband’s Prestashop Google Shopping.
  • The Google Shopping Prestashop Integration provides the product status from Google Shopping to the shop after syncing.
  • Cron execution and any errors encountered are trackable in the Audit log of the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Addon.

Prestashop google shopping by knowband configuration

Benefits of the Prestashop Google Shopping Integration Module

The ease of handling the plugin. In fact, using the user manual by Knowband comes in really helpful. In addition, the expertise that customer support provides makes everything easier.

The Prestashop Google Shopping Integration helps the admin handle everything from the backend of the store. Additionally, the admin does not have to juggle between the store and the platform.

The synchronization between the store and Google Shopping happens in real-time. Therefore, the admin needs not manually do it time and again. It simply happens without trying too hard.

Talking about the benefits, the features that we put forth in the blog serve as benefits as well. What do you think? They are helpful and beneficial for the administrator at the same time.

You can try the demo yourself:

Back Office Demo.

In the End

The Prestashop Google Shopping Integrator by Knowband is a must for merchants planning to sell on the platform. In fact, if they want to do it effortlessly, this is the right way to do it. What do you think of the Prestashop addon? If you have any requirements or queries, you can get in touch with us at

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