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When we were little, we all remember receiving gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or holidays such as Christmas. However, as time passes, so do people’s preferences. It’s impossible to forecast what someone will like these days, given the enormous array of options accessible both online and offline. A Gift Card from any business or brand is one of the top gift options these days.

How does Gift Card work for eCommerce?

A gift card is a type of payment that may be used to make purchases at the eCommerce store that issued it.

If you buy a gift card from Starbucks or Amazon, you or the recipient can only spend it at the store that issued the card.

Digital gift cards can be used from anywhere and if it belongs to an eCommerce store, then anyone with the card can make a purchase and use it.

Perks of selling a digital Gift Card


Customers find it a more convenient gift option. Gift cards can be physical (i.e., a plastic card) or digital (i.e., a digital file). Digital gift cards do not have a physical form; instead, you are given a unique gift code number that you may use to make purchases at online stores. The most common type of gift card is still physical cards, although this is projected to alter shortly.

Knowband’s Digital Gift cards are tailored for eCommerce and allow sellers to use them as Physical as well as the digital card.  Scroll down for real-life examples of OpenCart Digital Gift card managers and explore more.

Why do customers like giving gift cards?

Purchasing a Gift Card, whether for a wedding or a birthday, is a very straightforward process. In truth, purchasing a Gift Card on the internet requires very little work. The procedure is simple and convenient, and it saves you time when purchasing a gift.

  • People who receive gift cards have the option of purchasing whatever they choose.
  • Sending gift cards physically or digitally is far less expensive than mailing items.
  • When shopping with gift cards during peak sale times, the individual getting the gift card can get more bangs for their cash.

Unlike getting a gift and having to go to great lengths to return it, redeeming a Gift Card is a breeze. Offline cards and vouchers must be redeemed in person, but online/digital cards and vouchers can be used with a few mouse clicks. Hence, Gift Cards become even more appealing.

How OpenCart Sellers can sell Gift Cards on their website?

Step by step guide to install and customize the Opencart Gift Card Manager Extension before making it live:

Seller’s Feedback on KnowBand’s Gift Card


The OpenCart Gift Card Manage extension allows you to display the gift card link in a variety of locations to draw attention to it. It can be placed in the website’s header, footer, or center-left. The Gift Card link can also be found in the My Account section.

What customization is possible and how you can use it in your eCommerce OpenCart store is explained in detail.


Offer Gift Cards for a Variety of Occasions

The Gift Card module has gift card templates for a variety of holidays and events, including Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Birthday, Anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and so on. You can make changes to the existing Gift Card templates as well as create new ones.

Image Printed Gift Cards are unique

With the OpenCart gift card manager, you can allow customers to create image gift cards by uploading a photo. Such gift cards will have a personal touch and will make the receiver feel more attached. Gift Card extension is also compatible with the Opencart Journal theme.

Custom Price Gift Cards for different budgets

The OpenCart Gift Voucher extension allows you to create gift cards with a fixed value or a range of values. You can set the value for which gift cards are accessible when the fixed amount status is activated, for example, 100, 200, or 500. You can select the minimum and maximum gift card amounts for which a user can shop if this option is deactivated.

Allow virtual gift cards to be sent.

Customers would be able to send the gift card to the recipient’s email address if this option was enabled. This can be done for each and every gift card.

Allow actual delivery of gift cards.

Customers would be able to mail the gift card to the recipient’s home address if this option was enabled. Each form of gift card might have its own functionality.

Use it to create your brand identity

A gift card prefix is typically made to promote a brand. You can also establish a prefix for your gift cards, which will be used in all of your gift card codes.

Custom email for virtual gift card delivery

You can create an eye-catching subject line and customize the email content to your liking. Email templates are available in the upgraded version for sending an email notification to gift card senders as well as to print the card.

Select the Date and time to send the email

Specify the gift card order status on which the gift card will be given to the recipient. You can choose from a variety of order statuses to choose which order state the gift card will be sent to the recipient. Customers would also be able to print the coupon based on the order status they chose.

Mention Eligibility Criteria and Validity date

You can select a minimum gift card delivery gap between placing a purchase and receiving it with the OpenCart Gift Card Manager plugin.

Allow for the download of a Gift Card in PDF format.

You may provide clients the opportunity to download the gift card in PDF format using OpenCart Gift Card Manager. You can customize the PDF content as well as the gift card pdf prefix.

Keep track of your gift card purchases.

The OpenCart Gift Card extension allows you to keep track of the status of your gift cards orders. You may look up client information; verify the gift card’s expiration date, and much more.

Support for Cron

Because CRON is supported on your site server, the gift card can be sent to the addressee right away without the need to run any CRON files.


Real-life examples of Gift Card Manager on OpenCart stores

MANIOS Men’s Clothing

The MANIOS is a clothing brand for men and it delivers products in Greece and Cyprus. The website is built on the OpenCart platform. MANIOS believes in customer satisfaction. They have been using Gift Card Manager on their OpenCart store to deliver a great shopping experience to their customers.


AGNEEL Handbags 

A luxury leather handbag brand delivering in Berlin, Europe. They are also using the OpenCart Gift Card Manager on their website. They have created some custom gift cards with attractive images.


UZI Sports

UZI Sports is one of the UK’s Hockey & Cricket equipment stores and approved suppliers of major cricket and Hockey equipment brands. Moreover, they are experts in providing custom sportswear across the country. They also use the OpenCart Gift Card Manager plugin.



Cose che cero

They deliver in Italy. You will find furniture, perfumes, electronics, and a wide variety of accessories. The gift cards are also available on their website.





Al-Murjan store always strives to provide your needs at reasonable prices. Their location is in the beloved city of Qatif. They deliver in all regions. To improve the shopping experience as well as for customer acquisition, the Opencart Gift Card Manager is live on their store too.


Final Thoughts

Gift cards are similar to any other type of gift. Consider the person you’re gifting the card to and their likes and dislikes before making your selection. Make an effort to choose a card that will be liked and used.

So, if you’ve never considered a Gift Card as a product in your store, this guide will explain why they’re ideal.

If you want to start selling an e-Gift Card on your OpenCart store, go here to get started!

More information on KnowBand’s Digital Gift Card can be found here.

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