How to reset opencart admin password?

How to Reset Opencart admin password?

Have you lost your OpenCart password? You might be surprised to learn that this is a problem with admin panels quite frequently.

You can update the password in the database if you’ve forgotten your OpenCart admin password. Your account’s password must be changed using phpMyAdmin in cPanel.

Most of the times, it happens when you forget or lost your admin login password and are not even able to recover it using forgot password link. In this case, the only way to regain access to the admin panel is to reset the password directly from the database. The steps to reset the password from the database are easy, but can cause a critical issue if not performed properly. The tutorial discusses the steps to reset OpenCart admin password.

Before proceeding further, we recommend you to take backup of your complete database, just in case.

You need to perform following steps to reset your Opencart admin user password.

Reset opencart admin password steps

Step #1: Login to PhpMyAdmin. PhpMyAdmin is a tool which is used to access Mysql database.

Step #2: Click on your database name and open table oc_user (we are assuming here that your database prefix is oc_).


Step #3: Now click on the edit button against your user-name.


Step #4: Now, select md5 for Password field and enter your new password.

Step #5: Click on the Go button below to reset your password.

Step #6: Now, you should be able to login admin panel with your new password.

These are steps to reset OpenCart admin password.

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