OpenCart One Page Checkout to Deliver a Perfect Online Shopping Experience

OpenCart One Page Supercheckout to deliver a perfect online shopping experience| knowband

Online shopping is a medium of quick online purchase for shoppers whereas it is equally a challenging task for various online stores as people are becoming impatient day by day. They are not willing to spend few minutes on the checkout process and often leaves a site if it asks too much questions and formalities while making an online purchase. This has become a common phenomenon for various eCommerce stores and has been casting shadows on their conversion rates and chances of growth in the current situations.

This complicated checkout formalities on any online store has definitely rung the alarm bells for various eCommerce stores and they are looking for possible solutions for this widespread menace. Apart from increasing the shopping cart abandonments on your site, it can also affect the reputation and brand identity of your site among your targeted customers. In order to avoid the severe consequences of this situation, it is finally time to install this wonderful OpenCart One Page Checkout module from Knowband store that can promise you a simplified checkout experience. If you want to know how it can transform the online shopping experience for your customers, you need to take a quick look at the various features and functionalities of this OpenCart checkout extension.

1. Offers easy design facility for checkout page creation

This OpenCart checkout plugin from Knowband store consists of an easy customization facility that makes designing of checkout forms much easier than never before. Store admin can select any design layout such as 1 column, 2 column or 3 column layout for designing a simplified and quick checkout form for their customers. This simple checkout form will ensure higher conversions and sales on your eCommerce store.

2. Integrates social media login facility

Visitors on eCommerce sites are not willing to register unnecessarily for making an online purchase and thus presence of social media login facility acts as an effective solution of the above problem. The module offers social login facilities through platforms like Facebook, Google+ and such others for a seamless account login facility to customers. It will not only help in boosting the conversion rates and sales for your online store but will enhance the brand reputation of your online store. Due to the presence of numerous features and functionalities, it has become one of the most popular OpenCart checkout extensions that is simply a big boost for conversions and sales of your online store.

3. Works perfectly with multiple devices and platforms

With the spread of numerous computing devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets, it becomes necessary to spread your business to various customers. This is now actually possible with the presence of this OpenCart one step checkout module from Knowband store which is built on a responsive web design that makes it compatible with various devices.

4. Seamless option to add HTML content

This OpenCart One Page Supercheckout is an amazing plugin that makes it a seamless task to include any image, text or link on any desired location of the checkout page.

Gone are the days of problematic online shopping experience with the emergence of this OpenCart Module by Knowband store. It consists of all the essential ingredients that can effortlessly take your checkout process to an all together different level. Come and avail its wonderful features and functionalities for getting optimum business results.

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