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Not every time you purchase products by directly adding them to the cart and checking out immediately. You often save some products for final review and add them to your wish list. The term ‘wish list’ sounds fascinating. In eCommerce, users can add all the products they are liking and willing to buy sooner or later to their wish list. Users won’t have to add to their cart until they’re ready to check out.

There is a high cart abandonment rate for most e-commerce brands, but few know how to reduce it. Abandoned cart reminder email strategies were addressed in a previous blog post that surely works. In this article, you will learn how a wish list can improve conversions in your OpenCart store. You can also find out about the most popular products and categories of the store that you can use in making marketing strategies and inventory management.

What is a wish list?

The wish-list feature enables e-commerce clients to build a list of goods that they are not yet ready to purchase, but that they plan to buy for themselves or receive as a gift in the future. Wish lists provide shoppers with a convenient way to arrange the items they want, making it unnecessary for quick reminders to use the shopping cart.

Not only do well-built wish lists lower the rate of cart abandonment (because of shoppers), they help boost the site’s customer experience by making it easier for customers to purchase from you and inspiring others to do the same.

Why do you need a wish-list or save for later option in your eCommerce store?

Besides the obvious advantage of enhancing the shopping experience of the consumer, Wishlist has the potential to provide online retailers with a much broader, strategic value. A Wishlist provides an incentive for clients to save products “for later” if at that moment they do not commit to a purchase and find them easily once they return to your shop.

  1. You will give your prospects a chance to save the items they will later show interest in.
  2. They help you keep track of what your customers want.
  3. They help you predict stock levels properly and manage inventory.
  4. You can use the wishlist data to have targeted marketing
  5. Easily assess the efficacy of your overall marketing activities by monitoring which goods end up on the wishlists of your customers.

Every Thing about OpenCart Wish List Module


1.     Attractive front-end representation

The wish list display should be attractive and clean. The look and feel of the front-end of the OpenCart Advance Wish List Module are neat and clean. It has a direct call to action button for adding products to the cart. You can edit want the button color, font, and other details according to the theme.

2.     Allows customer to maintain a private wish list:

The OpenCart Wish List Module acts as a handy way to remember the items that made it to the list, which is particularly important for major future events, such as weddings, new babies, housewarmings, etc. when assembling gift lists or drawing shopping lists. Mobile shoppers find this feature especially appealing because on a smaller screen it saves a lot of “browsing” time.

3.     Top Wish-listed Product and Categories

From this point of view, you might be tempted to suggest that you do not need a wishlist because you already know which of your best-selling items are. The advanced OpenCart wishlist addon helps the store vendor to evaluate the product that is most requested or most common. The category/product review reports can be presented by the OpenCart store admin in the form of a graph.

4.     Wish list module does Customer Analysis

The favorite product list addon of OpenCart helps the eCommerce merchant to evaluate the customer lists with the shortlisted product quantities and other details.

5.     Order Analysis Report

An Order listing tab is offered by the OpenCart wishlist extension. It allows the store manager to analyze the ordered products that were on the wishlist of the customers.

Benefits of OpenCart Wish List Module:

To see what items consumers save for later and what items they buy, you will analyze the data, which will help you find the underlying problems that hamper your sales: do customers need more data? Are they abandoning carts due to product price? Will discounts and deals work for them?

Conclusion: It improves the overall customer experience and for the merchant, it provides them with the data like the products that are most popular and frequently added to the cart. Some products are most added but least purchased. In that case, you can see where it is going wrong? Here the product analysis report will help.

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