Best OpenCart Rating, Review and Incentive Extension to Reward your Customers

OpenCart Product review and rating extension

The OpenCart Review and Incentive Module offer a way for your customers to connect with you, as well as to promote sales on your eCommerce store. The product reviews Incentive extension allows you to add a customer review feature to all the products available in the store.

Simply informing consumers of the availability of a product or service is no longer adequate; customers are now willing to benefit from the first-hand experience. Hence, KnowBand developed the Review and Incentive Extension for all popular eCommerce platforms.

In addition, public transportation, hospitality, recruiting, retail, and health care have all gained insights from customer feedback in order to optimize their marketing strategies and develop their services.

A feedback system adds credibility and influences the buying decisions of the customers. Businesses that do not have feedback will lack the ability to develop their business.

So, if you have an OpenCart store then the ‘OpenCart Review and Incentive Extension‘ can help you grow your business.

The OpenCart Review and Rating Extension

The extension comes with the incentive system. Customers earn some points as a reward that they can redeem later. This motivates users to leave a review which helps other buyers when making a purchase decision.

With the aid of this OpenCart product review module, eCommerce store owners can now inspire their customers to leave their reviews of the different items. Get more feedback and ratings for your site to ensure new users. This also offers persuasive reasons for consumers to go back to your site, thereby improving user engagement and eventually converting.

Some of the functionalities with benefits are highlighted in this article. Give it a read and decide for yourself if it is thoughtful to add this module to your OpenCart store.

Functionalities of the OpenCart Review Module:

Not every store owner needs to be a coder hence the OpenCart Review and Incentive extension is designed in a way that everyone can configure and manage it with ease.

functionalities-of-opencart-product review and rating extension

1.      Allow users to give the product review:

You can enable the feature with a toggle button switch and decide incentives. Also, numbers can be set by the store administrator.

2.      Email plays a crucial role

Emails are very effective ways to increase traffic on your website. The customer who drops a review will be given the reward via email. You can add catchy subject lines to it and email templates can be configured as needed.

3.      Eliminate unwanted reviews:

The admin will set the moderation rules for the reviews. The reviews can be published either directly or after approval by the admin. It depends on the choice of the option.

By removing noise from unwanted and unjustified feedback, companies may be assured that only real, quality reviews are a current indicator of their online credibility.

4.      Decide who will receive the incentives

Items or categories in which the admin wishes to be considered for reward and reminder can be chosen. This way you can categorize the customers and manage them carefully.

5.      Keep an eye on Statistics:

This is the most beneficial feature of the OpenCart Review and IncentiveExtension. The data and report system of the module offers you detailed statistics based on different criteria that you can analyze.

Merchant Benefits of OpenCart Review and Incentive Module:

The ultimate goal of every merchant is to increase sales in their store. To achieve the targets, store owners try various tactics like running deals, offering coupons, following up the leads, and many more marketing strategies.

The OpenCart Review and Incentive Module is a complete package as it offers you several benefits.

1.     Collects more feedback:

It provides a convenient way to attract more and more feedback from current customers.

2.     Increases credibility:

Reviews and testimonials will help create much-needed credibility with new customers. At the same time, it leads to the buying decision of the tourists.

3.     More customer retention:

OpenCart review and Incentive extension in exchange for the reward app offers a persuasive argument for consumers to return to the store.

4.     Better conversion:

Offers and discounts can inspire them to shop in the store. So, you’re having a few fast conversions.

5.     Enhances customer engagement

Customer spends more time on your store giving a review and reading others feedback, therefore, reviews and rating system increases customer engagement.

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Overall Impact of the reviews on your store

Reviews not only can influence customer decisions but also boost the reputation of a brand. Reviews have the power to create consumer trust and inspire people to engage with the brand. Customer interaction eventually contributes to increased results for companies.

  • customers win rewards and incentives that motivate the buyers
  • Positive reviews influence buying decisions and promote rational buying.
  • It creates better product understanding for new users hence become a buying motivation.


People are talking, people are listening. Online review is potentially the most effective, mutually beneficial tool any company can employ and any user can support it. With everyone reading and making decisions based on feedback from other customers, how important do you think the review is to your business?

The KnowBand team specializes in increasing consumer activation to inspire current decision-making and long-term brand loyalty. If you are looking for any feature to add to your OpenCart store then you may find a module for that in our store or you can contact us at

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