6 Amazing OpenCart Extensions for Product Page Optimization

6 Amazing OpenCart Extensions for Product Page Optimization

When a user lands on your website in search of a product, it is primarily the product page that gives them a push to go for the purchase. Although for a conversion to take place, every element from the beginning till the end is vital. But the product page is the primary focus, and this is why product page optimization is highly important.

If the product page does not look appealing, informative and standardized, the prospect might give up the purchase idea and look for that product on your competitor’s store.

Understanding the importance of optimized product pages, here are the 6 OpenCart Extensions that will help you with product page optimization. Check them out.

1. OpenCart Product Video Extension

What could be a better way to help a prospect in his/her purchase than showing them an informative video of that product? Shoppers have plenty of doubts roaming around their head when purchasing a product online.

Besides product images, a product video eliminates those doubts to a great extent and helps you gain more trust of consumers.

OpenCart Product Video extension adds a “Product Video” tab on your product pages, hence allowing customers to have a look at the product video before purchasing the desired product. You can integrate videos to your OpenCart website effortlessly from multiple platforms likes YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.

OpenCart Product Video Module

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2. OpenCart Product Size Chart Extension

One of the major reasons why customers return clothing items is the incorrect product size. Not having an idea of the accurate product size often leads to customers ordering an incorrect sized product. In fact, different eCommerce websites have different length measures for particular size type. An L-sized t-shirt would not necessarily be of the same size everywhere.

OpenCart Product Size Chart extension adds a “View Size Chart” tab on your product pages through which users can confirm which size product would fit them the best. From the back-end, you can specify the measurements of a particular size type.

OpenCart Product Size Chart

3. OpenCart Product Designer/Customizer Extension

Product customization has been in the trend for quite a few years now. Many online shoppers look to purchase customized products. In fact, today, there are entire businesses set up on product customization.

OpenCart Product Designer/Customizer extension adds a “Customize” tab on your product pages with the help of which a user can personalize a product as per their needs and desire. The configurations for this module can be modified from the back-end including setting up the customization price as well.

OpenCart Product Customizer

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4. OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zip Code Extension

Let customers check whether a particular product is eligible for delivery or not, at their desired location, right on the product page.

With the help of OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zip Code extension, also called as OpenCart Zip Code Validator, the buyer can check whether the product is available for delivery at their location or not by simply specifying the area zip code. The module adds a “Check Availability of Products” tab on your product pages.

OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zip Code

If unavailable, it will display that the product is not available at the specified zip code.

5. OpenCart Advance Wish List/ Save for Later Extension

Let shoppers save a product for later if they do not want to purchase it at that particular moment. With OpenCart Advance Wish List/ Save for Later extension, you can allow your prospects to add the products in their saved items list.

The module adds an option right below the “Add to Cart” button to make customers save that product. As a result, whenever the prospect returns and decides to make the purchase, they can simply view that product from their saved items.

OpenCart Save For Later

This gives you an idea of the customer’s requirements and you can approach them later and help them purchase that product.

6. OpenCart Review Incentive Extension

Product Reviews highly matter for any online business. They not only influence the buying decision of the future customers but also help businesses get feedback about the product quality as well as the issues customers are facing with it. Brands do reach out to customers and ask them to review the product they recently purchased, but not many customers take it seriously.

With OpenCart Review Incentive Extension, you can encourage customers to leave a review on the products and reward them with exciting incentives for every successful (approved) review. You can set the incentive value, review reminder date and do much more through OpenCart Review Incentive Extension.

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Final Word

Do whatever it takes to make your product pages user-friendly. Take the help of these 6 OpenCart Extensions for product page optimization and make the purchase experience of your visitors better than ever.

If you need any assistance in any of the above-mentioned OpenCart Extensions, reach out to us at support@knowband.com

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