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OpenCart SEO Redirect Extension

OpenCart SEO Redirect extension is a simple yet effective module that helps you perform different kinds of redirects on your website and maintains your website’s performance on the search engine.”

Changed the URL of a web page and want to redirect it to the new page instead of displaying a 404 error to your website visitors? Or want to have plain, simple SEO-friendly URLs for complexed URLs? We have got you covered. If you have an OpenCart website and want to make these changes, OpenCart SEO Redirect Extension is all you need.

Features of OpenCart SEO Redirect Extension

Let’s take a look at what features does the OpenCart SEO Redirect Extension offers.

1. Redirect HTTP URL into HTTPs URL

OpenCart URL Redirect module allows you to convert Non-SSL certified web pages into SSL-Certified web pages. Hence, if you have added an SSL certificate to your OpenCart website and want to update the HTTP version into HTTPs, OpenCart SEO Redirect extension will let you do that comfortably.

OpenCart SEO Redirect configuration

2. Track and Rewrite Duplicate URLs

The OpenCart URL cleaner extension displays a list of possible duplicate URLs under the “Duplicate URLs” tab.

It displays the different URL queries associated with the same keyword. You can rewrite a particular URL, modify its keyword and set an SEO-friendly URL and redirect the visitors on the updated URL for that specific query.

OpenCart SEO Redirect Configurations- 2

3. Perform 404 Redirects

OpenCart SEO Redirect extension helps you perform 404 redirects. Under the 404 Redirects tab are the fetched URLs that are showing a 404 error. It also displays the fetched count of that particular URL.

To redirect a web visitor from those URLs to new URLs, simplify specify the new URL and the URL type. There are three types of redirects that you can perform-

301 Redirect- Moving a URL to a new URL permanently

302 Redirect- Moving a URL to a new URL temporarily

303 Redirect- GET method used to retrieve information

4. Track Non-SEO URLs

OpenCart SEO Redirect module displays a list of the Non-SEO URLs added by the admin, under the “Non-SEO URLs” tab and helps you convert them into SEO-friendly URLs. You can specify the path where you want to redirect a visitor if he or she clicks on its Non-SEO friendly path.

Benefits of OpenCart SEO Redirect Extension-

1. Keep Visitors Engaged

Leading visitors to broken or 404 pages can severely affect your website’s SEO and you may face a higher bounce rate and a decrease in website traffic. These problems get eliminated with OpenCart SEO Redirect Extension.

2. Remove Old URLs

By performing an SEO Redirect, you notify the search engine bot that the old URL has moved to a new path. Hence, it removes the previous existing URL and replaces it with the new one. Web visitors will then see a new URL indexed on the search engine.

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