7 Must-Have OpenCart Extensions to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day

7 Must-Have OpenCart Extensions to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day

The week of love is just around the corner. On one hand where the love birds would be searching a perfect gift for their partner, Brands, on the other hand, would love to make their shopping experience better and smoother.

Have you done your preparations for Valentine’s Day? Is your marketing strategy ready to be implemented? Well, even if you haven’t, it is still not too late.

OpenCart Extensions for Valentine’s Day

If you have a website on the OpenCart platform, here are the 7 must-have OpenCart extensions that you can consider implementing on your website to catch the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Check them out.

1. OpenCart Gift Card Extension

Gift Cards purchases are seen in high numbers during Valentine’s week and there is no doubt shoppers would be looking for some Valentine’s theme-based Gift Cards on your website too. Reduce this hassle with OpenCart Gift Card Extension.

The Gift Card module adds a gift card section on your OpenCart website and provides you with pre-existing gift card templates for multiple occasions including Valentine’s Day. It allows the users to print personalized gift card by uploading a custom image. You can customize these templates, add new ones, and do many more customization with the help of this OpenCart Gift Card Extension.

2. OpenCart Spin and Win Extension


How about giving your visitors Valentine’s feel as soon as they enter your website? The OpenCart Spin and Win extension has multiple themes designed for Chocolate Day, Hug Day, Rose Day, Kiss Day, Promise Day, Propose Day, Teddy Day, and Valentine’s Day, to give your popup an amazing look.

The Spin and Win Popup extension adds a gamified Spin 2 win wheel on your website. Besides keeping Valentine’s feel, it tends to generate higher user engagement, helps you grow your email list, and boosts your conversions.

It lets you encourage your visitors to spin the wheel and earn some enticing discounts.

3. OpenCart Countdown Sales Timer Extension

Countdown sales timer

Announce your Valentine’s sale to your store visitors through OpenCart Countdown Sales Timer extension.

This OpenCart module helps you set a countdown timer on the front end of your website for your upcoming sales so that your store visitors are very well aware of the commencement of your sales day and do not miss out on it later.

It is a perfect module to highlight your future sale offers without disturbing the user experience. By implementing this module on your OpenCart website, you can expect an increase in your sales when the actual sale season starts.

4. OpenCart One Page Checkout

eCommerce Checkout

Though this might make you think as to how one page checkout can be helpful during Valentine’s, it is something that you should definitely consider using.

Many cart abandonments take place due to a long and complicated checkout process. And you can lose out on huge conversions when the visitors count on your store is high but they are not making past the checkout page.

Remove the multi-step checkout barrier with the simple OpenCart One Page Checkout. The extension puts all the checkout fields on a single page and helps your prospects take a quick exit. A user can fill the entire checkout related information in any particular order and check out quickly.

Guest checkout, Social login, checkout field customization, multiple shipping and payment modes support are some of the amazing features of OpenCart One Page Checkout.

5. Print-on-demand Products

Print-on-demand services provide an alternative way to bypass inventory management time, investment, and risk, letting you go from creating to selling custom items at a fraction of the cost.

You can put your original spin on everyday items and sell them online, from t-shirts to posters, backpacks to books.
You can always graduate from using a print on demand platform to keeping your inventory if one of your online business ideas pans out and you start making a large number of sales or continue to use these services while exploring new ways to expand your audience.


This Valentine’s Day, to achieve this you can add a Product Customization Module to your eCommerce store. The users surprise their loved ones with custom, personalized gift items. The choice is yours!


6. OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time Extension


There will be many last-minute shoppers on your store this Valentine who would want to order an item and get it as soon as possible or at a specific date and time. Make this possible for those shoppers with OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time extension.

Through this module, shoppers can specify the date and time on which they want to get their order delivered. They can choose their preferred delivery time on the checkout page. This would prove very beneficial to those users who want to receive a product at a certain occasion and at a certain time.

From the backend configurations, you can make certain changes in the module functionality.

7. OpenCart Cash on Delivery with Fee Extension


With OpenCart Cash on Delivery with Fee extension, you can ask your customers to pay an additional fee when they choose COD option on the payment page. The cash on delivery method is the widely adopted payment method as the majority of the shoppers do not like paying the product price until it reaches them.

The extension helps customers feel more secure and relaxed as they do not need to worry about sharing their card details online.

Over to You

Make the best of this Valentine’s week with these 7 OpenCart Extensions. You will surely witness a boost in your conversions.

If you face any issue with any of these modules or need any kind of assistance, reach out to us at support@knowband.com

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