OpenCart Mobile App Builder- Transform your OpenCart Store into an Android Mobile App

OpenCart Android Mobile App Builder- Transform your OpenCart Store into an Android Mobile App| Knowband

Mobile Apps are the recent trends that have boosted the businesses around the world due to their ease of functionality, quick purchasing capability and their seamless installation on various mobile platforms. These apps are especially playing a bigger role in the eCommerce  business due to their tried and tested potential in online shopping facility. Furthermore, the growing presence of mobile phones around the world has made apps an important medium of customer engagement for various businesses. They are going to rule the global business landscape in the times to come ahead.

If you are having an eCommerce store and thinking about its expansion among your rivals, you need to go towards engaging mobile apps that are the ultimate business future. In order to make your OpenCart store journey towards mobile apps a seamless task, you need to go for this OpenCart Mobile App Builder module from Knowband store for achieving mind blowing apps for your business. This app can definitely give a big boost to your business chances and can help you stay ahead from your rivals in a seamless manner. Here are some of the ways by which your mobile apps can stand out from other rival apps.

It can be accessed on multiple devices and platforms

These mobile apps are in built in such a way that they can be installed and accessed on multiple Android devices like smart phones and tablets. They come with a responsive design that makes their use much wider and global in reach for expanding your business reach. With the help of this OpenCart extension, you can effortlessly get a wonderful mobile app whose functionality and use is beyond any particular Android device.

Makes account login facility a hassle free experience

No doubt, account login is an important constituent for every online store and plays a crucial role in customer targeting approach. In order to tackle this critical situation, this OpenCart Android App Builder plugin comes with various social media login options to facilitate an effortless account login facility. Thus, it saves the precious time of customer and improves chances of conversions for your OpenCart store.

Provides option to improve the look and feel of the app

This wonderful Knowband OpenCart extension has a bundle of amazing interactive themes that can provide an all together different look and feel to your mobile app. You can use these appealing themes to increase the worth and acceptance of your mobile app among your customers. In this way, you can improve your chances of conversions and sales for your OpenCart store without any hassle.

Implement the advanced searching facility

Searching has seen a major transformation over the years and it is currently governed by voice based search facility. Keeping this trend in focus, Knowband has implemented the voice based searching facility for its customers with the help of this OpenCart Mobile App Builder module for making searching more interactive than before. You just have to speak for the desired items to be searched and the search engine will provide you required results based on your voice based search inputs.

Reflects store changes automatically on your mobile app

With this OpenCart extension, you can make an effective synchronization of your OpenCart store with your mobile app. It is definitely a wonderful approach as you don’t have to make required store changes on your mobile app again due to this synchronization facility. Everything needs to be done for once without consuming more time and efforts.

What are you thinking about now? Do you still need more reasons to adopt this OpenCart Mobile App Builder module for getting those power packed mobile apps? Don’t wait anymore and visit our Knowband site to purchase this OpenCart module that is within your pocket range. It is your passport to a brilliant mobile app for your OpenCart store.

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