Prestashop Reward Points Module – User Manual

1. Introduction

This online shoppers is always in the search of exciting offers, reward points and deals. This is one of the ways to encourage them to purchase the products. If your eCommerce store is unable to trigger the purchase decision of the customers, then, it is certainly going to hurt your business in the long run. Knowband’s Prestashop Reward Points Addon will prove to be a great bonus to the merchants store as it can motivate the customer purchase more and more products. The customers can win reward points in return of the purchases.

Knowband’s Prestashop Loyalty Points Module enables the customers to win reward points after he/she has placed any order. The reward points allows the customers to shop even more at discounted prices. Once the customer has won enough reward points, they can get discount in return of the points.

All the settings regarding the Prestashop reward points addon and the discount values will be given to the merchant in the backed of the extension. Now the Prestashop Reward Points addon is compliant with GDPR. The online mercant can activate the settings to delete the customer details on GDPR data deletion request. The admin can also display a privacy policy consent on the website and also set it’s text and URL in different languages.

1.1 Benefit of Merchant Prestashop Reward Points Addon

  • Knowband’s Prestashop Loyalty Points Module enables the admin to give the loyalty points to customer when they place their order.
  • This Prestashop Reward Points Addon allows the admin can set rules for guest as well as registered customer.
  • The admin can set the N number of discount and reward points rules according to the need.
  • The Prestashop Reward Points extension allows the admin to view the list of customers used rewards points and remaining rewards points.
  • This Prestashop Addon helps the admin to engage more the customer to the website.
  • This Prestashop reward points addon motivate the customer to place another order to use reward points.
  • It helps the admin to reward the loyal customer by giving them loyality points.
  • With help of this Prestashop reward points addon, the admin can increase revenue and conversion of website.
  • Presatashop Loyality Points Extension helps you to improve your popularity by letting the customers share the reward points with others.
  • The online merchant can also set the GDPR related settings from the admin interface of this Prestashop Reward Points Module.
  • The Prestashop product purchase reward extension allows the admin to set the privacy policy consent, it’s text and links in different languages.
  • The e-merchant can also activate the settings for deleting the customer data on GDPR data deletion request.

1.2 Benefit of Customer Prestashop Reward Points Addon

  • Customer can use the reward points to they make purchase in the future.
  • This Prestashop Loyalty Points Module allows the customer to share the loyalty points with their friends.
  • Customer can view the reward points his/her profile.

2. Installation

To install this Prestashop Purcharse points addon, please follow the following steps:

  1. Add addon folder under modules folder of your system.
  2. After adding this Prestashop addon folder, system will list the addon on module page under “front office feature”category as given below:

reward point installation

3. Click install to install this Prestashop Addon.

Module Implementation

Module implementation will have two section:

  1. Administration Module
  2. Front End Module

3. Administration Module

In admin module, there will be following options to configure this Prestashop Reward Points addon. The Prestashop Addon  includes 7 tabs and they are as follows

1. General Settings.

2. Guest Reward Points Settings.

3. Guest Discount Settings.

4. Registered Customer Reward Points Settings.

5. Registered Customer Discount Settings.

6. Email Settings.

7. Statistics.

Each section is described in details below.

3.1 General Settings

This section will be having following options to configure the Prestashop loyalty points addon.

1. Enable/Disable: This option will be having a toggle button with two specific values ON and OFF. This module will only work if this is set to ON. If this is set to OFF then none of the feature will be working and not even impacting any other section of website. By default, this option will be OFF.

2. Delete customer data on Delete request for GDPR: The online store admin can enable the settings to delete the customer details on GDPR deletion request.

3. Enable/disable privacy policy: The online merchant can activate or deactivate the settings for showing privacy policy consent check-box.

4. Privacy policy Text: The online merchant can set the privacy policy text from the admin interface in different languages.

5. Privacy policy URL:  The online store owner can set the privacy policy URL from the admin interface of this reward point module.

6. Custom CSS and JS: These fields have been provided to let the admin change the look and feel of the front end of the module. So if he feels to add certain CSS or JS in the front the he can enter those into these field respectively.

General settings of reward points module

3.2 Guest Reward Points Settings

In this tab the merchant will enter the rules according to which a guest customer will win the reward points. When the merchant will click on the add new button available in the tab then a pop up will appear which will have the following fields in it-

1. Minimum Order : Here the admin will enter the minimum amount of the order which has to be their to give the customer certain reward points.

2. Reward Points : Here the admin has to enter the number of reward points which a customer will be awarded after placing the order if he satisfies the above two conditions.

Admin can even edit or delete the created rule by clicking on the action buttons which will be available in the same row where the rule will be listed.

Guest Reward Points Settings 1

Form which will appear after clicking on add new button-


3.3 Guest Discount Settings

The settings done in this tab will only work for guest customers.In this tab the merchant will have to enter the discount and reward points settings i.e after how many reward points the customer will get discount. Fields which will be available in these tab are-

1. Minimum Reward Points : In this field he admin will enter the minimum amount of reward points which a customer should have to satisfy this rule.

2. Discount Type : In this field the admin will select the type of discount which will be given to customer if he satisfies the above conditions. It may be percentage or fixed discount.

3. Discount Value : In this field the admin has to enter the discount value which the customer will get after applying the minimum reward points.

4. Discount Validity : In this field the admin will enter the discount validity of the discount which will be generated

Guest Discount Settings 1

Form which will appear after clicking on add new button.

Guest Discount Settings 2

3.4 Registered Customer Reward Settings

This tab will be same as the guest reward settings tab. But the only difference in this tab is that it will work only for the customers who are registered.

Registered Customer Reward Settings

3.5 Registered Customer Discount Settings

This tab will be same as the settings for the guest discount settings tab. But the only difference in this tab is that it will work only for the customers who are registered.

Registered Customer Discount Settings

3.6 Email Settings

When the customer will share its reward points with other customer from the front end then the customer to whom the reward points are shared will get a mail from the store end to let them know about the reward points added to their account.

1. Select Language: Here the admin will select the email language using which he will send the email to the customers who have won the jackpot

2. Email Subject: Here the admin can enter the email subject. What ever subject the admin will enter in this email field will be used as the subject of the email sent to the customer whenever they will win any jackpot in the front.

3. Email Content: Here the admin can enter the email content which will be sent to the customers who will win the jackpot in the front..

Email Settings of rewars points

3.7 Statistics

In this tab admin can view the stats of the reward points which are generated till date. The admin may also view the total number of reward points generated and used and may also filter the reward points according to the customer those who have used this module to get reward points.


4. Front End Module

When the module is enabled from the admin panel then it will first appear in the account of the customers. A link stating My Reward Points starts appearing in the account of the customers, On clicking the link the customer will be directed to the list of reward points which they have won by placing different orders. If the order of the particular reward points is delivered then those reward point will be available for use to the customer.


Front End Module 2

The Prestashop Loyalty Points Addone will also appear above the cart when the customer is about to do the payment for the order. The customer can view his/her reward points and add those reward points to the cart.

Front End Module 3

You can try Prestashop reward points addon for on your Prestashop website. KnowBand’s Prestashop Loyalty Points extension helps you reward the loyal customer to your store & increase the revenue of website.

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