20 Best Rental Business Ideas You Can Start With

Top 20 rental business ideas for startups, by Knowband

The rental business has gained huge popularity. The growth in the rental sector in the past few years has opened a vast opportunity for small businesses to start offering rental services. Today, people prefer to book any service or product on rent rather than purchase it, the reason being renting is affordable.

The following factor opens up new doors of the rental business opportunities for the new-comers.

Thus, if you are also looking to start your rental business, here are the 20 rental business ideas to start and scale up your business in the rental niche.

1. Car Rental Business

The demand for car rental is very high. Travel freaks often rent cars for trips or vacations. This is mostly seen among college groups who like exploring places and doing adventures. So, providing a car rental facility can be a profitable and ideal way to kick-start your rental business.

You can also hand over your car to a travel agency and earn a decent income. Another idea would be to register your car on on-demand taxi booking apps like Ola and Uber.

2. House Rental

If you have multiple properties under your name, you can start a property rental business and offer some of your properties on rent and gain a decent income. You can turn your houses into PGs and welcome college students.

3. Travelling Kit Rental

People usually require a traveling kit in which they keep essential traveling items like a hiking bag, hiking waterproof rain jacket, trekking head torch, camera kit, etc. You can provide such items on a rental basis and fulfill the requirements of the travelers.

4. Room Rental Business

 Just like Airbnb and OYO, you can provide rooms to people for a limited time. People often look to book rooms for a short period when they are outside the city for work purposes. Reach out to your nearby hotels and start a partnership with them.  This is not only an ancient rental business segment but also an evergreen kind of business.

5. Campsite Rental

Campsite Rental is the best idea you can start a business

Adventure freaks are always in search of camping sites, so investing in the land (great if you already have) and converting it into a campground for rent can be a good rental business idea.

Furthermore, if you have properties near well-signed locations, you are already a plus. Start your rental business today with minimum investments.

6. Camp Equipment Rental

For camping enthusiasts, equipment like camping tents, airbeds, backpacks, hiking poles, camping cookware, etc can be provided on rent.

7. Fishing Rental

Fishing requires a lot of equipment. Equipment like fishing rods, fishing lines, and terminal tackle can always be provided for rent.

8. Boat Rental

Another rental business idea would be to start a boat rental business. You could start a boat rental service on the areas that are surrounded by rivers and lakes.

9. Land Rental

Today, renting out land is one of the most popular sources of income. You can lease out the land or a part of it for various purposes like agriculture, wedding, etc.

10. Furniture Rental

Furniture Rental is the best idea you can start a business

You can start a rental business that offers furniture for rent. Most corporate offices look to purchase furniture on rent, hence this can be an ideal solution.

11. Office Space Rental

If you have a large space, such that it can be used to set up an office, providing it on rent can make you earn a handsome amount of bucks.

12. Conference Room Rental

If there is some extra space available in your building, you can provide that space to businesses to use it as a conference room.

13. Office Equipment Rental

A corporate office requires a lot of set-ups and a set-up requires equipment like tables, chairs, printers, etc. You could rent out such office equipment.

14. Camera Rental

There is always a high demand for cameras in tourist places. If you have a wide collection of cameras, you can offer them on rent and earn a decent income. This business requires minimum assets and knowledge if you already have well-maintained and high-quality cameras.

15. Tent Rental

Tent Rental is the best idea You Can Start a business

Tent house rent providers hardly sit idle for any day throughout the year. The bookings for events like weddings, and birthdays, are made in advance. So offering a tent rental service can make you earn a handsome income without even putting in much effort.

16. Costume and Clothing Rental

Costumes on occasions like Halloween and Christmas are worn once a year. In such cases, you can provide the costumes on rent for specific occasions.

17. Cleaning Supply Rental

People prefer to get cleaning equipment like steamers, carpet cleaners, and scrubbers on rent as these types of equipment are only required once in a while.

18. Construction Equipment Rental

Adding to our list of rental business ideas would be to offer construction equipment on rent. Since construction equipment is expensive, you could provide them on rent to the professionals and make it affordable for businesses that do not require them too often.

Construction equipment can include a scissor lift, excavator, concrete mixer, etc.

19. Wedding Dress Rental

The wedding dress rental business is seen quite often nowadays. Wedding dresses are one-time wear or max you can wear it on your first anniversary. Otherwise, those expensive outfits remain in the closet forever, just as a memory.

Start a rental business that focuses on providing wedding dresses for rent. This creates a win-win situation for both the customer and the business. Customers would not have to pay the actual amount of the dress and businesses can cover more money through rent than its original price.

20. Bicycle Rental

To support an eco-friendly environment, starting a bicycle rental business could turn out to be an amazing idea. The government in metro cities has also initiated to put bicycles at metro stations so that people avoid traveling by Car or Bike.

Not only for metro stations, but you can also start renting bicycles on areas where the crowd is heavily attracted so that more and more people make use of it.

If you are specific about Hotel/room rentals or Vehicle Rental and want to start a rental business online, you should check out our Booking and Rental system module.

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This module is available for PrestaShop and OpenCart platform-

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