Own a Clinic? Try Knowband’s Appointment Booking System Module and Let Your Customers Book an Appointment Comfortably

Own a Clinic? Try Knowband’s Appointment Booking System Module and Let Your Customers Book an Appointment Comfortably

In this global pandemic where everyone has been advised to stay at home, doctors and the other medical staff are putting their lives at risk, working continuously day and night trying to save people. We express our heartfelt gratitude to those heroes.

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak and the imposed lockdown, doctors who consult patients in their clinic are also finding a tough time managing their hectic schedule. This is where the Appointment Booking System module by Knowband makes things easier.

Appointment Booking System Module

The Appointment Booking System module by Knowband lets you list your clinic on your website and allows your customers (patients) to schedule an appointment. The module offers various configuration options to adjust your bookings as per your convenience.

So, if you are a doctor who is looking for a module that could help you manage your appointments online and get rid of manual bookings, this module is for you. Not necessarily be a doctor but if you want to open a website and tie-up with different doctors and list their clinic on your website, this module will help you do so.

The module is available for PrestaShop and OpenCart. PrestaShop website owners can make the booking facility more convenient by having a related mobile app.

What does the Appointment Booking System Module offer?

Wondering what features does this module offer? Let’s take a look.

1. Add your Business/Clinic Easily

The Appointment booking system makes it easy for you to add your clinic on your website. Simply head over to Products, followed by Add New Booking Product. Select Appointment. You will be presented with five columns to specify your clinic details and other necessary information.

2. Specific the Service Type: Clinic Visit or Home Service

Many people are looking to claim the home service facility be it about receiving grocery items or medicines. The same goes for a consultation. While adding your clinic, you will have the option to specify the service type which can be- Branch Visit or Home Service. The former means your customers will be required to visit your clinic whereas, in Home service, you will be visiting the patient’s home to consult him or her.

3. Set an Upfront Booking Price

You can set an initial/upfront booking price that will be displayed to the users at the time of booking. The price can be adjusted for different hours. For example, the booking price for peak hours can be a bit high as compared to regular hours.

4. Let Customer Pick the Desired Date and Time-slot

Inside the module configurations, you can add the period and time slots within/for which the customers can create a booking. You can enable a different price for a different time-slot. So when customers are on the booking page, the booking price will fluctuate as per their picked time slot.

5. Specify Non-booking Days

With the help of the Appointment booking system module, you can specify the days for which bookings cannot be created. So like if you take a day off on Monday, you can disable that day and hence customers won’t be able to create bookings for Monday.

6. Limit the Number of Bookings per day

Under Quantity, you can specify how many appointments you wish to take in a single day. For example, if the quantity is set to 10, no booking will be generated after the limit (10) is exhausted.

7. Add Business Location, Info and Images

Let customers know what service you are offering. Specify your clinic name and a bit of information related to it. You can also add your business location and set coordinates so that it becomes easy for people to navigate to your clinic via Google Maps.

Besides, you can also add images related to your business to make it more appealing in front of your clients.

8. Run Offers on Specific Days

Leaving aside the usual booking price which will work as per the defined time slots, if you want to run some offers on a specific date or a specific period, our Appointment booking system module will let you do so.

Under Booking Price Rule, Choose a specific date or specify the period and set the discount value for booking made on that day or within that period. It can be a flat discount or on a percentage basis.

9. Track your Orders

All the booking generated can be viewed under the Orders section.

Final Thoughts

The Appointment booking system provides your customers with a hassle-free booking experience, and at the same time makes your job easier.

You do need an assistant to schedule appointments over call and hence there is no time-related issue as well. Your customers can create a booking at any time of the day. This also provides you with the opportunity to make good revenue.

The module is not restricted to appointment bookings but also provides hotel and vehicle rental booking facility.

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