Walmart Integrates with Shopify to grow its online marketplace

Walmart recently launched a new integration with the e-commerce shopping platform, Shopify. It is used by more than 1 million small and medium businesses. With the help of this partnership, Shopify vendors can use the Walmart marketplace. This deal focuses on the goal of bringing 1,200 Shopify sellers to the marketplace by this year. The idea behind this integration is to increase the reach of more brands by placing them in front of millions of Walmart’s users.

The Walmart-Shopify integration came at a time when most of the users are shop online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Walmart saw around a 74% increment in their sales in the last quarter, due to the increase in pandemic-fueled shopping, which sent users online for necessary items like food, cleaning products, and more. 

With the launching of Walmart-Shopify integration, Walmart now focuses on those brands that can fulfill their user’s needs. It looks for those brands that have a great record track and better customer satisfaction.

After this integration, Shopify sellers can check their eligibility by installing Walmart’s app from the Shopify store. If they got approved from the Walmart store then the sellers can upload unlimited products to the Walmart store, and all these updates will immediately be reflected on Walmart’s website.

Easy selling with marketplace integrations


Similarly, just like Walmart-Shopify Integration we at Knowband also offer various extensions to make your selling process easy and smooth as well as to convert your e-commerce store into a marketplace. By using these extensions you will get the following features:

  1. Upload products in bulk: You can easily upload products in bulk using these extensions,
  1. Allow multiple sellers: By using these extensions you can also allow multiple sellers to sell on your marketplace.
  1. Commission Management: You can set different kinds of commissions on sellers to sell their products in your store.
  1. Seller reviews: The review process is very easy, user can review both seller and their product.
  1. Multiple Choices: If more sellers sell their products in your marketplace then your users have a wider variety of choices.
  1. Easy Registration: Sellers can easily register themselves with just a few button clicks. The whole process is very easy.
  1. All product type support: These extensions support various types of products like simple, configurable, and bundled.

So, if you are selling your products online and want to convert your online store into a marketplace to allow multiple sellers to sell their products on your marketplace then you must try these extensions:

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