EU Antitrust charges to be imposed on Qualcomm over iPhone Modem lawsuits in Germany

Qualcomm, the leading chip-maker organization is going to face penalties from the European Commission over Antitrust charges in upcoming days. The company is being alleged for paying Apple to eschew the rival companies in the industry.

Why will Qualcomm be under EU scrutiny?

Apple brought this antitrust actions of Qualcomm in light by filing a report to the Directorate-General for Competition earlier this year. Now, EU officials are looking to query Qualcomm over the allegations. The complaint filed against Qualcomm contains its attempts of patent enforcement in Germany. The motive behind this Antitrust action is directly against Apple by coercing them into acquiring its chips instead of sharing the supply chain with Intel.

The two companies were in peaceful agreement with each other before Intel came into the picture. Qualcomm used to provide chips to the iPhone maker in cheaper cost. But, as Apple shifted their interest to Intel, Qualcomm tried to draw the line.

This patent battle of Qualcomm with Apple had been the highlight for quite a few time. Earlier, Qualcomm even asked for blueprints to Intel Chips used in the iPhones. The company wanted the blueprints of the chips used in Apple’s iPhones, but Intel went back to providing documents related to the latest radio frequency components being used in recent Apple phones.

Will Qualcomm be proved guilty?

The chip-maker has come out from other Antitrust cases as well. Qualcomm’s dispute with Taiwan ended with a settlement this year. Well, the trials of this case with Apple will begin in next few months. We will find out then if the chip biz company bypasses the charges or another EU fine is down the road.

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