Qualcomm asks for Blueprints to Intel chips used in Apple smart phones


In the patent dispute with Apple, Qualcomm says it still wants the blueprints of the chips used in Apple’s iPhones after Intel went back to providing documents related with the latest radio frequency components being used in recent Apple phones.

Qualcomm and Apple in Patent battle: the complete story

This all started in last year when Apple filed a lawsuit against chip biz Qualcomm for $1Bn. Apple alleged Qualcomm with unfair licensing terms for its technology. Apple said they are being charged by wireless chip maker for trying every new innovation.

Qualcomm reverted by suing Apple with Patent infringement and asked for a ban on iPhone sales. Don Rosenberg, executive vice president of Qualcomm said, “Apple could not have built the incredible franchise, without relying upon Qualcomm’s cellular technologies.” Late last week, Qualcomm filed a motion asking Intel to supply it with technical files and coding specifications involved with cellular modems used in Apple’s smart phones. After several meetings and conferences, Intel agreed to cooperate with the Qualcomm over certain demands and requests.  

But Intel reneged the deal. It failed to produce the required documents even after the two months time“, says Qualcomm. Qualcomm also said Intel also refused to cooperate with them because of depositions against  Intel’s current generation of RF components. Qualcomm quoted that Intel thinks it would be overly burdensome on them, but their RF components are already undisclosed to people.

It might be possible that Intel is trying to pay off Apple’s favors, so, it is not producing the documents and getting this lawsuit delayed.

Article Source: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/08/01/qualcomm_intel_modem_specs/

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