Apple is bringing transparency in its app market by linking all apps with Privacy Policies


Apple, the tech giant never fails to justify its motto – Think Different and why not to have an extraordinary approach? Look where this approach has brought them, a trillion dollar worth company. This time they came up with the new announcement regarding privacy policies. The iPhone maker is asking all the developers to link the applications and their updates on the Apple App Store with the Privacy Policies. These new privacy rules will be under effect by October 3rd, 2018.

Which apps are required to be linked with the policies?

Well, till now you must have thought that the iOS apps are already equipped with the Privacy Policies. Then what’s the motive of enforcing them?

Actually, till now the privacy policies were linked with only subscription-based apps on the iOS store. But, now it is mandatory for all the applications and even their updates to comply with the concerned policies. As per the official announcement, the iPhone maker is even mandating the privacy policies even to the offline applications that do not require internet for operation. The offline app developers have been asked to host a website with concerned privacy policy page.

How will it benefit the iPhone users?

Apple has made itself clear that it won’t pull out the apps which are already there in the store, but it even asked their developers to link the policies whenever any future update is shipped. With this move, Apple is trying to bound the app developers to actually explain to users the ways in which they can delete their personal stored information on the applications. In order to bring it into effect, the tech giant even requires all the developers to comply apps with the GDPR rights at some level. After this, the customers will just tap associated privacy policy and read it in Safari.

Why is Apple making privacy policies mandatory?

Somewhere, the recent data breach of Cambridge Analytica has led Apple to take this action to protect the illegal data sharing through the apps. Now, the future will tell if Apple is planning to pull out the apps that do not meet the privacy guidelines. Well, recently another news came that Apple will definitely remove the private user data stored in the bug apps. So, now while publishing an app on the Apple App Store, the developers must remember to attach the policies. It seems that the trillion dollar organization is envisioning high transparency in its app store.

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