Donald Trump warns that tech biggies Google, Facebook and Amazon might be in an Antitrust situation

Antitrust allegations

On Thursday, 30 August 2018 Donald Trump in an interview lashed out at current technology companies of being in a very Antitrust situation. While talking to Bloomberg, the American President pointed out that these organizations are misusing their power and influence, but didn’t comment on whether they should be broken up or not.

Donald Trump’s war of words

“I won’t comment on the breaking up, of whether it’s Google or Amazon or Facebook,” Trump’s reply on breaking the companies by the US government. This anger was quite foreseen as on Tuesday when the President alleged Google of rigging its search results for suppressing positive coverage about him. Google said that this wasn’t true, pointing out that it had promoted his address, and buzz feed News.

Companies’ take on the comment

After Trump’s attack this week, the company said its search function is not used to set a political agenda and isn’t biased against any ideology. Amazon and Facebook representatives didn’t respond yet on the warning.

Antitrust allegations have never left our tech giants

Whenever it comes to Antitrust allegations, tech companies are alleged now and then. In July 2018, European Union slapped Google with $5B for Android abuse. Apple, the trillion dollar company wasn’t even able to bypass the Antitrust threats and accused of one with Yahoo’s Game Plus platform. Now, let’s see where these how far will these accusations will go and how they will affect the organizations.

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