Amazon became the second company to hit the Trillion Dollar mark


There was a time when being ‘a trillion dollar company’ seemed quite sizably voluminous milestone to reach, but current tech biggies are making their way to it as if it is nothing. The technology industry hasn’t optically discerned such high market capital in the last 242 years and now it’s just a time span of 33 days and we have two Trillion dollar organizations.

On Tuesday, Sept 4, 2018, Amazon officially achieved the denomination of Trillion dollar organization and marked itself second to this list.  Four weeks ago, Apple became the first Trillion dollar company. If we take a look at Amazon’s background, it went from selling books and CDs online to morphing itself into a potent organization. Cleary, the plethora of business units are proving its ascendance in the retail market.

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How colossal is this achievement for Amazon?

Apple technically took 38 years to become worthy of $1 trillion while Amazon got there in just a sprint of 21 years. The company’s stocks doubled in the last year as it grew rapidly in the retail and cloud computing services. It has surely revolutionized the rules of retails in the past couple of decades.

Well, we can’t gainsay that this success is a historic one for its founder Jeff Bezos, who commenced it in 1994 in the Seattle Garage. At that time Amazon was nothing but a mundane bookselling company. Now, Jeff Bezos is leading the list of Billionaires on top. The company hasn’t got such magnification in its capital overnight. It took investors a while to plenarily appreciate Bezos’ long-term strategies.

Bezos, in the year 2011, told a magazine that, “If everything you do needs to work on a three-year time horizon, then you’re competing against a lot of people. But if you’re willing to invest on a seven-year time horizon, you’re now competing against a fraction of those people, because very few companies are willing to do that.” Well, surely such knockout orchestrating seem to work pretty well for the company.

Apple or Amazon: Who did it better?

The two business giants may have achieved market capital of $1 trillion, but both of their voyages have been quite different from each other. While Apple has ever relied on the computer hardware services, Amazon, on the other hand, targeted capitalistic infrastructure.

Well, it is pellucid that Amazon has been a value rocket ship in reaching $1trillion. We weren’t witnessing this landmark achievement of Amazon if it weren’t for the cloud computing services of the company. They played their role with retail side by side in making the organization a voluminous success.

Though we can’t ignore the fact that other organizations are also following them in this trillion dollar race. Currently, Google’s Alphabet is having a market value of $852Biliion. So, don’t be surprised if one day you will find it joining the club with Amazon and Apple.

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