How easy is it to send Push Notifications on PrestaShop Mobile Apps?


Keeping the customers always interested & engaged is what every online eCommerce business wishes for. Having a native mobile app (Android/iOS) is gonna ease the online shopping for users. User engagement has always been a prime requirement and to fulfill the same mobile apps have come up with the Push Notification tool.

Push notifications are directly received by the app users on their mobile devices. The only condition is that the app must be installed on the device. Push Notifications have been noted to perform way better in terms of engaging app users and retaining them when compared to email reminders/ newsletters & campaigns.

Push Notifications with PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

KnowBand offers personalized push notifications feature in PrestaShop Mobile App Builder. The module aims to launch Android and iOS apps for running PrestaShop store without any coding knowledge. This write-up will introduce you to the backend settings to configure and send Push Notifications on the user’s devices.

While keeping your app in sync with the website, this app maker module provides a wide array of front-end & back-end features. The ones for Push Notifications are stated below. Follow this article to know how you can create, automate & send these notifications with utter ease.

On the backend of your PrestaShop website, where you have the Mobile App Builder installed, hit ‘configure’. Now, from the backend of this module, navigate to the Push Notification Settings Tab from the side menu.

Push Notification Settings:

push-notification-settingsFrom the backend, you only need to enter your Firebase Server key (which will be provided along with apps), the rest is set for you to proceed. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder by KnowBand provides an unlimited number of push notifications that e-merchants & admins can send to their app users.

Some of the automated Push Notifications are already provided by default for your convenience. These notifications can even be disabled/ enabled with just a toggle switch. Apart from those, you can create any other kind of Push Notification from this backend as well. Here is how you can configure them.

A) Successful Order Notification:

Using this notification setting, the store owner or the admin can set the title & message for successful orders. Each time an app user successfully places an order on the app, he/she will be greeted with this notification.

B) Order Status Push Notification:

This informs your customers about any status update on their active orders. Some examples of these are ‘order packed’, ‘order shipped’, ‘on the way’, ‘delivered’, ‘canceled’, etc.

Use the variable ‘{{STATUS}}’ anywhere in the message body to form your order status push notification.

C) Abandoned Cart Push Notification:

Automate the abandoned cart notification by setting the timer provided in this push notification setting. Every time an app user leaves his/her cart abandoned, then automatically this push notification is sent to him/her after the specified time.

Custom Push Notifications:


Apart from the above three pre-defined notifications elaborated above, admins can create any kind of self-designed Push Notification from this setting. From the side menu of this app maker module, select ‘Push Notification History’. Then using the ‘Send Notifications’ button on the top right of the page, create a new notification according to your needs.

You can even choose to selectively send these notifications to any of android/ iOS devices. Use attractive images to get more customer engagement using these notifications. Choose the redirecting activity to be any of the categories/ subcategories/ products or even the homepage of the app. These notifications get sent to all the app users once you hit send.

Push Notification History:

Keep a record of your previously sent notifications & their configurations by accessing the ‘Push Notification History’. You can even filter out the ones you want to view from the advanced search bar as shown in the screenshot above.


Mobile push notifications are a major feature that makes an app stand out from the website. When used properly, these can lead to an exponential increase in customer retention & engagement rate. They help store owners to effortlessly boost their sales.

To make it even more convenient & effortless for the app admins, this PrestaShop Mobile App Maker module, by KnowBand, has most of the settings automated. Hence, the store owners don’t need to make even the slightest effort to yield great results.

For any further queries related to this module, reach out to the experts at KnowBand by emailing us at We would be delighted to assist you.

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