List of Other Modules Compatible with PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

List of other modules compatible with PrestaShop Mobile App

Going by the name, PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is a readymade tool to convert your online eCommerce store into mobile apps. The plugin offers a chance for all PrestaShop store merchants to switch their website business on mobiles.

Every eCommerce business is somewhere in the struggle to improve their online presence among the surrounding competition. Having a mobile commerce application can simply help in targeting the huge audience & boost sales.

Creating Native Apps With This Extension

You will be amazed to know that PrestaShop Mobile App Maker is completely code-free. If you’re not a coder or more of a technical person, this is the perfect solution. The PrestaShop Mobile App extension allows anyone with a running PrestaShop website to own a pair of native apps. All you need to follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Purchase the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder extension from KnowBand.

Step 2: Fill pre-requisite app details.

Step 3: Review apps & get them published on app stores.

Easy, right? Free of cost initial support & one-time payment with this plugin are cherry on the cake.

Other Compatible Modules

Every online business has a different set of audiences with separate requirements. This thought has been well kept in mind while designing the PrestaShop Mobile App Creator. The result of this is the module comes with endless possibilities of customization and integration. All you need is to just ask & our developers will make that work in apps.

Note: All sorts of custom changes are subject to additional costs based on the involved time & efforts. Although, the prices will be kept as reasonable and fair as possible.

Here is the list of a few modules which can be made compatible with PrestaShop Mobile App-

1. Product Size Chart

Product Size Chart

When it comes to purchasing a clothing item, online shoppers often have doubts regarding product size. They are not sure which size would be a perfect fit for them. This eventually leads to customers placing a return request later because of the size issue.

Let finding the appropriate size product not be a problem anymore for your visitors. The Product Size module adds a “View Size Chart” section on your product pages, with the help of which shoppers can check the measurements of a product for every size type. This ensures that your customers do not face trouble with the product size.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $80

2. Return Manager

Return Manager

One of the major concerns for eCommerce businesses is product returns. They cannot be eradicated, however, if managed well, can be reduced by a significant margin. Manage your returns without any hassle with the Return Manage module.

The module offers three types of return choices to your customers: Store Credits, Refund and Replacement. You can set up the return policies, set up the return terms and conditions, track your returns and do much more. The module not only helps you reduce your eCommerce return rate but also improves customer retention.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $300

Automatic Related Products

E-commerce businesses benefit a lot from cross-selling. It is one of the effective strategies implemented by them to increase their store sales. If you run an online business, you should follow it too.

Encourage cross-selling on your website with Related Products module. The module lets you display top-visited products, best sellers, new products and products based on a user’s history. You can customize the display position and filter the products to be displayed as per keywords and attributes.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $180

4. Preferred Delivery Time

Preferred Delivery Time

Many times customers demand the product to be delivered at a specific date and time. Allow this facility to your customers with Preferred Delivery Time module.

The module lets you define a minimum delivery gap to allow customers to choose the preferred date and time. You can specify the time slots, the time cycle for delivery, and also exclude days on which the delivery won’t take place.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $180

5. Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

A majority of online businesses run loyalty programs today. Loyalty Points module aims to improve customer retention on your website and also builds customer loyalty. It lets you provide loyalty points to your customers on some certain tasks like when they have shopped for more than the specified amount, when they have chosen a specific payment or shipping method, when a user successfully registers, or when a user places an order, etc.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $200

6. Product Availability Check by Zip Code

Product availability check by zip code

Let customers check right on the product page whether the product they desire to purchase is available for delivery at their location or not.

The module adds a Zip Code verification check on your product pages, using which the visitors can enter their area zip code and verify whether the item is eligible for delivery for the specified Zip Code.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $180

7. Store Locator

Store Locator

The store locator module encourages the self pick up facility on your website. Many a time, a product reaches the shipping centre on time but takes too long for the delivery. In such cases where customers want the product to reach them as soon as possible, they can choose for a self pick up.

The module lets you add your store addresses from the back-end which are available to the customers on the checkout page. They can filter the stores as per the distance and choose the nearby store accordingly.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $50

8. Auto Switch Language and Currency

Auto Switch Language and Currency

If your business is set up internationally or you are planning to do so, the Auto Switch Language and Currency module is a must-have module for you.

The Auto Switch Language and Currency module change the language and currency as per the visitor’s location. It tracks the IP address of the visitors and automatically converts the website content into the native language.

The module helps you expand your business on a global level and makes it easy for outsiders to shop from your website.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $90

9. Affiliate and Referral Program

Affiliate and Referral Program

Affiliate and Referral Marketing has helped brands gain a lot of new customers and sales. What’s exciting about these programs is that they create a win-win situation for both the customer and the brand. The affiliate brings you customers and you offer them some incentives in return.

With Affiliate and Referral Program module, you can start a similar program on your store. The module allows users to register as an affiliate on your website. Once successfully registered, they can start referring your website to others and earn some exciting incentives for a successful referral. The affiliate can share the referral code, share a direct link, share the link via email, share the link on social media or share the voucher code with other people.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $250

10. Shipping Cost by Zip Code

Shipping Cost by Zip Code

This module lets you charge different shipping prices for different zones. The admin can specify the shipping price for different countries from the back-end. When a shopper enters the zip code in the address fields, he or she will be charged the shipping cost as per defined by the merchant.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $100

11. Search Auto-Suggest

Search Auto-suggest

The Search Auto Suggest module enhances the search functionality of your website. With the help of this module, you can display the product price right in the search suggestions (in the drop-down list) and also the product category under which the product falls.

You can customize the search bar and also track the searches performed by the user. You can also limit the number of products to be shown on the search results and also specify the minimum letters that need to be entered for the search system to work.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $270

12. Price Alert

Price Alert

Many times it happens that customers drop the purchase idea because they feel the product price is too high. Now with Price Alert module, the customers can specify the desired price for that product on the product page and get price alert over their email whenever there is a reduction in the product price as per what they wanted.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $100

13. Back in stock Notification

Back in stock notification

Online shoppers often get disappointed when they visit a website to purchase a product but find it out of stock. And they have to keep checking back multiple times to check its availability. Reduce this hassle with Back in stock notification module.

The module allows shoppers to subscribe to the product availability alert. Hence, if subscribed, the user will be immediately alerted about the product availability that it is back in stock so that they do not miss out on the purchase.

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Rough Cost Estimation: $100

Summary of Custom Changes

Custom Changes PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

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